Showing new games in the Xbox Showcase

The head of Xbox said about the company’s showcase that we will see both new games and new information about previously introduced games.

Phil Spencerthe CEO of Microsoft’s gaming division, an interesting interview with Kinda Funny has had an Xcast where he talks about Redfall failing, being third in the console market against Sony and Nintendo, and how even if Starfield gets an 11 out of 10, it won’t make people sell their PlayStation 5 consoles.

He is optimistic about Microsoft’s June showcase. First, he confirmed that the company failed to deliver on the 12-month plan it advertised nearly a year ago: “No, we didn’t. There are no compliments. We did not deliver it.”

Although titles like Avowed, Fable, State of Decay 3, Perfect Dark, Contraband and Everwild were introduced a few years ago, there is no new news about them. In response, Spencer said, “I’m not going to exaggerate about the showcase, because if I was on the other side watching this interview, I’d react like, ‘Hey, after Redfall, until I put my hands on the controller, I’m not going to get anything.’ It is not proven”. (It means presenting the game, not talking and showing exaggerated about them)”.

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“But that’s not how Showcase is for me, so I’m really looking forward to it,” he then added. We will introduce things that people have not seen; Some new games. We will also have updates for some of the works that are on your list.”

The Xbox boss is also excited about the future and how Xbox will deliver a quality game every season: “After some slowdowns in game production due to the Covid pandemic, games are finally coming online.” Although many may have heard this statement, he states that “I’m tired of talking about it; But now I see that we have games that will be released every season that I think will surprise and delight our customers.”

He continued: “We still have to offer things in terms of creativity and technical issues. All the works we offer are not for all people and we are aware of that. I’m not trying to make one game that rules all works. We will have different creative approaches and when we think about the games that Microsoft Gaming Studios makes, we have a very diverse portfolio. I like that”.

Phil Spencer speaking at the Microsoft conference

Spencer then stated, “I think about what we’re trying to do with Xbox, it’s not going to mimic other platforms. [بلکه] It is to build our own brand and to know the diversity of our creations [که] Hopefully it will become a strength. But we must do it with quality and at the right time. We have to give people what they see. We have to show gameplay and I think I’m beyond that. We must put great games in the hands of our players. There is no other case.”

It can be said that Microsoft is committed to showcasing the gameplay of the games, which is a positive thing. One of these games is Starfield, a sci-fi role-playing game by Bethesda. After the Microsoft showcase in 20:30 Iran time on Sunday 21 Khordad (June 11), Direct Starfield will be broadcast and will have more details, interviews with the creators and a demonstration of the game.

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