Showing the accessibility features of Forza Motorsport game

In the new trailer of Forza Motorsport, Turn 10 Studio introduced the special accessibility features of this game for certain players.

Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport racing simulator game is scheduled for release this year; However, the makers have not yet announced the exact release date. Now, Tren 10 has released a new trailer, revealing new details about the game’s accessibility features. In this trailer Neha ChintalaGameplay Developer and Accessibility Options, talks about the driving assistance features in Forza Motorsport that are specific to players with special needs.

Furthermore Brandon Colethe expert consultant in the field of accessibility options for visually impaired or blind players explained more precisely the use of accessibility options.

One of the main access options of Forza Motorsport is related to the audio narration of gameplay events; As a voice assistant informs the players about the position of the car on the track, the approach of others, the amount of rotation in the corners, the need to slow down and other things. Descriptions of each of these features are also available in the settings access menu to help players get to know each one better.

Beautiful lighting and attractive color of the car in the game Forza Motorsport

Other important accessibility features of Forza Motorsport include One Touch Driving options to minimize the effort to brake, steer or accelerate. Screen Narrator option is available to provide information about user interface navigation. Dynamic audio descriptions are intended to describe cinematic scenes such as day and night transitions or weather conditions.

Additionally, it will be possible for players to convert in-game text to speech or vice versa. Also, the possibility of adding special filters to various items such as cars, drivers, tracks, visual effects and other things is included in the game.

The aforementioned are not all features available in Forza Motorsport. This effect will allow players to rearrange the controller keys, subtitles, change the UI and HUD contrast to improve readability, the option to disable the animated background, change the text size and different difficulty options. Turn 10 seems to have put a lot of options into the accessibility section of the game to help improve the experience for respected players with special conditions.

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Forza Motorsport game on PC and Xbox Series X Xbox Series S will be released. Also, Game Pass subscribers can access this game from the first day of release.

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