Slowing down the production process and delaying the broadcast time of Marvel series

It is said that the speed of production and distribution of the upcoming Marvel and Star Wars series in the new Disney program has decreased.

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Many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had problems with the high number of series in Phase 4, and recently Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige agreed with this in a recent interview with EW, promising that future MCU series will be slower. Now in the latest Cinema and TV news, there are changes in the production and supply of Walt Disney content in the future. The Hollywood Reporter says that Disney is considering slowing down the production and content of its popular series in order to get better value and quality from the content it offers.

A source says there will be a level of rigor at Marvel and the company as a whole. Numbers, costs and expected output are now very important. This impact is going to be immediately implemented and felt in the future works of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Kevin Feige confirmed this summer that in 2023, the Secret Invasion series, the second season of the Loki series, the second season of the What If animation, the Ironheart series, the Echo series and the Agatha series : Coven of Chaos will be broadcast on Disney Plus.

Dean Jarin with other Mandalorians in the third season of The Mandalorian series

Now, according to this report, it seems that only now the second season of the Loki series and the Secret Invasion series are definitely going to be aired on Disney Plus during 2023, and the Echo series and the Ironheart series are now unlikely to be aired during this year. which is part of the content control program and increasing its time in the post-production period. This could affect series in 2024 and beyond, which could include Daredevil: Born Again.

Most importantly, the potential Nova series may now take more time to produce and air on Disney Plus. In the case of the Star Wars series, we are also going to see a similar scenario, but this schedule change is not going to happen as quickly as the Marvel series, and according to the schedule for the third season of The Mandalorian series, Star Wars: Ahsoka series and Skeleton Crew series in 2023 from Disney Plus will be aired, and this will not affect the production of The Acolyte series and the second season of Andor series, which are planned for 2024.

Walt Disney is also planning to extend the release window of its animated movies, starting with Elemental and Wish in 2023, to make more of an impact on families returning to theaters to watch animated movies. These changes are said to be just part of Disney’s content overhaul program that has begun since Bob Iger’s return to the company’s chairmanship.

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