Smartphones will soon predict the collapse of old bridges

Researchers are trying to use the accelerometer Smart phones and the development of practical apps to predict the time of collapse of old bridges.

Monitoring of old working bridges Costly And it is complex and requires modern sensors. For this reason, researchers want to use the capabilities of today’s smartphones and benefit from Sensors The accelerometer used in them, along with practical applications, provide a solution for predicting the time of collapse of old bridges.

Mobile sensors can detect very subtle vibrations. With the aim of tracking the health of old bridges, researchers are trying to use simpler and cheaper methods to diagnose the condition of bridges and make repairs before they collapse.

Predicting the collapse time of old bridges with mobile phones

In this new study, researchers use the sensor system in smartphones. Along with mobile sensors, applications developed by experts can be helpful and collect mobile accelerometer data and transfer it to the corresponding app. When a vehicle carrying a mobile passes over the bridge, the mobile sensors can send the relevant data to Program Installed in this field to transfer. By examining mobile data, researchers can have good information about the health status of old bridges.

The researchers experimentally tested the condition of the Golden Gate Bridge and the related data 102 cars They examined the cell phone that was passing over the bridge. The collected data provided researchers with the state of health of the Golden Gate Bridge. The frequencies recorded by the mobile phone were very close to the frequency received by traditional and expensive methods. Paolo Santi, one of the researchers MIT He says that in the near future, the method of assessing the health of old bridges using mobile phones and updated apps will be more powerful than ever before and can predict the condition of old bridges.

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