Snapdragon 8 generation 3 is up to 50% more powerful in GPU than the previous version

Snapdragon 8 generation 3 It will be introduced in the last quarter of this year. Its predecessor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, performed better in GPU tests compared to Apple’s A16 Bionic chip, and now its next generation is said to have up to 50 percent It will perform better.

Although Snapdragon 8 generation 2 is weaker than Apple’s A16 Bionic in terms of CPU performance, it shows better performance in terms of GPU. Now it is said in a new report that the Snapdragon 8 generation 3 will also have a more stunning performance in the field of GPU.

Snapdragon 8 generation 3 and GPU more powerful than Adreno 740

Snapdragon flagship chipset

In this report, it is explained that Qualcomm plans to equip the Snapdragon 8 generation 3 with a more powerful graphics processor than the Adreno 740 Snapdragon 8 generation 2. In particular, it is expected that the 3rd generation Snapdragon 8 graphics processor, which is likely Adreno 750 It is called to have 50% better performance than its previous generation.

Considering the gap between the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and the A16 Bionic in the GPU department, it is unlikely that the A17 Bionic will be able to surpass Qualcomm in this regard.

Over the past few weeks, many details of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 have been revealed. Among them, we can mention changing the configuration of kernels and supporting UFS 4.1 and ending support for 32-bit programs. Although the new report says that this chipset will have a more powerful graphics processor, but according to current information, it will still be weaker than the A17 Bionic in the CPU department.

Qualcomm’s flagship chipset is expected to be announced in late October or early November, and will likely be used first by companies such as Motorola and Xiaomi.

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