Snapdragon X35 modem with 5G support for smart gadgets was introduced

Although the 5G network is not yet widely available in some countries, soon all smart devices will be able to support it. One of these categories of products are wearable gadgets and Internet of Things devices, most of which currently only support the 4G LTE network. But now Qualcomm with a new modem Snapdragon X35 He wants the users of these products to taste the 5G network.

Qualcomm’s new technology that brings 5G network support to smaller devices is called 5G NR-Light, and as you might expect, it’s weaker than the 5G modems used in smartphones. According to Qualcomm, this modem provides users with download and upload speeds of 220 and 100 Mbps, respectively.

Snapdragon X35 brings 5G to small devices

Qualcomm has claimed that this new modem, thanks to its unique design, has high energy efficiency, optimal performance in terms of heat generation, and also has small dimensions. Qualcomm wants to fully connect the next generation of small devices such as wearable gadgets to the 5G network with the help of Snapdragon X35.

Snapdragon X35

Qualcomm’s modem can access new bands below 6 GHz and fit into small devices. Probably, the next generation of premium wearable gadgets will be equipped with this modem, and of course, they will also be included in IoT devices. One of the notable things is that you don’t need a Qualcomm chipset to use this modem; So it’s likely to find its way into other products, such as Chromebooks and budget laptops.

According to Qualcomm, Snapdragon X35 also supports 4G LTE network and it is the most energy-efficient modem to date. The first devices equipped with this modem will arrive in the first half of 2024. Qualcomm has also pointed out that the price of this modem will be half the price of the Snapdragon X55. Therefore, it probably does not have much effect on the price of the products.

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