Some possible prerequisites for installing Windows 12 were revealed!

Although Microsoft is still looking to release major updates for Windows 11, it has apparently started work on the next generation of Windows. This version is unofficially called Windows 12 and carries the code name “Next Valley”. Now a German media has disclosed some prerequisites of this operating system.

Microsoft has not yet officially mentioned Windows 12, however, we know that the Redmonds will have a special focus on artificial intelligence for the next generation of Windows; Because currently this company wants to equip its services with artificial intelligence wherever possible. Windows is considered the core of this company’s software products and artificial intelligence should play an important role in it. Of course, one of the senior managers of Microsoft had mentioned this issue in the past.

According to reports, Microsoft wants to go back to three-year cycles for releasing versions of Windows. So the next version of Windows will probably be released to the public in the second half of 2024, but what features should your system have to install Windows 12 or Next Valley?

Possible prerequisites for installing Windows 12

Many users have not accessed it officially because of Windows 11 prerequisites; Prerequisites like TPM 2.0 and specific processors. In fact, Windows 11 supports processors from the last few years and there is no news of supporting old processors. Therefore, we have to wait for such a prerequisite for the next generation of Windows.

Possible prerequisites for Windows 12

According to rumors, Intel’s 14th generation desktop processors will arrive with Windows 12 support. Of course, one cannot be too optimistic about this; Because apparently Intel’s plans for the release of its processors have changed and there may be no news of the simultaneous introduction of Windows 12 and its supported processors. So we guess that Microsoft has not yet made a final decision about the processors supported by Next Valley.

German media outlet Deskmodder has claimed that the TPM version required by Windows 12 will not be different from Windows 11 and will still be TPM 2.0. This is while Microsoft has recently included SHA-3 support in an Insider build.

The report also says that the Pluton co-processor introduced with Ryzen 6000 laptop processors will probably not be necessary. Another change is the requirement of at least 8 GB of RAM. Therefore, the possible prerequisites for Windows 12 include the following:

  • Specific processors
  • TPM 2.0 and optional Pluton
  • 8 GB of RAM

While we don’t know the minimum internal memory required for Windows 12, it is possible that Microsoft will mandate the SSD requirement. Considering the decrease in the price of SSD in the past years, such a compulsion is not far off.

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