Sony aims to release at least 2 major PS5 exclusive games per year

Herman Halst, the head of PlayStation Studios, has explained in his recent talks about Sony’s plans for the release of PlayStation exclusive games in the future.

During its recent business meeting, Sony confirmed that PlayStation Studios plans to release at least “two or more” major PS5 games per year from now on. These games will be presented to the audience as a combination of new IPs and new versions of established Sony franchises, and in addition to single-player games, they will also include live services. Sony is trying to cover all major genres, but it says it’s focusing mostly on shooters, racing, role-playing, platformers, action and sports games.

Also, Sony intends to expand its audience by entering more platforms such as mobile and PC, and in the field of PlayStation Productions works, it also refers to works outside the world of video games. Even in the meantime, amusement parks with the themes of PlayStation works are also mentioned, which have received more attention due to the recent success of Nintendo with Super Nintendo World in Japan and America. Among these programs, we should mention the opening of the big Uncharted carousel in PortAventura World, Spain.

Evolution of Sony's portfolio for first-party PlayStation games

In general, Sony seeks to grow and diversify its audience community, as well as synergy to open new opportunities for the growth of its audience. PlayStation Studios president Herman Halst confirmed that Sony has 12 online games in development, and in fiscal 2025, these games will account for 60 percent of the PlayStation model’s business. The remaining 40% are Sony’s single-player and traditional games. Interestingly, this amount of investment is more than Sony’s investment in single-player games in the past years. Gorilla Games, Heaven Studio and Firewalk Studio are among the developers working on PlayStation Online Services.

Depending on whether or not Sony makes Horizon Call of the Mountain one of its two big games this year, there’s at least one more big exclusive coming in 2023, which could be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In the years of the PS5 generation This trend has also been maintained. Last year We had Horizon Forbidden West and The Last of Us: Part I, as well as God of War Ragnarok, and the year before that, Returnal. And Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has been released.

The role of online services in future PlayStation games

Also, considering that Death Stranding 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine are among the few other PlayStation exclusive games announced by PS Studios so far, tonight’s PlayStation Showcase event could contain more news of Sony’s plans for the coming years.

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