Sony has apparently chosen the designer of the PlayStation 6 hardware

Although the PlayStation 5 has a relatively short life and we have a long way to go until the release of its next generation, we are already seeing rumors about the PlayStation 6 or PS6. Now, according to the latest rumor, Sony has chosen the hardware designer of this console. It also seems that the Japanese have stopped development of the PlayStation 5 Pro to focus on the PS6.

A user on Twitter named WorryWartGamer It is claimed that “Mark Kearney” is responsible for designing the hardware of the next generation Sony game console. The choice of Kearney as the PS6 hardware designer is not surprising; Because Kearney was the main designer of PlayStation 5 and responsible for the design of PlayStation 4. Therefore, he is well acquainted with the world of modern PlayStations.

Sony has started the development of PlayStation 6?

According to reports, Sony doesn’t plan to launch the PS6 until 2028, but that doesn’t mean the Japanese shouldn’t get in on the action now. According to today’s rumor, it appears that Sony has started development on its next console, or will soon.

If Sony has already started developing the next generation of its game console, what will happen to the mid-generation version or PlayStation 5 Pro? A YouTuber named RedGamingTech says that it is very likely that there will be no news of this device.

PlayStation 6

This YouTuber says that considering the limited resources that Sony has, through which it must cooperate with other companies, develop software and hardware, and also use these resources for global marketing, the simultaneous development of two consoles seems impossible.

To date, there have been many rumors about a PlayStation 5 Pro or Slim console, but if Sony is really already considering its human resources for the PlayStation 6, it would be a bit difficult to develop a mid-generation console at the same time. Of course, on the other hand, we are 5 years away from the possible introduction of PS6, and the lack of a new console seems a bit illogical. So we have to wait for more reports to be published.

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