Sony Project Q was introduced; A device for streaming PlayStation 5 games

While there were rumors of the development of a new handheld game console by Sony, the Japanese unveiled a portable device at their event last night, which, of course, cannot be considered a handheld game console. This Sony product, called Project Q, is actually a device for streaming PS5 console games through Wi-Fi.

Specifications of Sony Project Q

This device is actually a display with a DualSense controller. More precisely, an 8-inch LCD screen with HD resolution is placed between the two controllers, which can play games with a maximum resolution of 1080p and a speed of 60 frames per second. This device supports the adaptive triggers feature as well as the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller.

This new Sony device will arrive later this year, however, the Japanese have not said exactly when we should expect this product or how much it will cost.

Sony Project Q

According to Sony’s presentation at its event, games can be played on Project Q installed on PlayStation 5. Therefore, we are dealing with a companion device for the PlayStation, not a handheld game console that is capable of running games internally and independently and can compete with products like the Steam Deck. It is not even possible to stream games from a smartphone or cloud space on this Sony device, although this may change.

Sony is one of the prominent companies in the field of cloud gaming service, so maybe in the future it will decide to bring cloud gaming support to Project Q to become a more complete device. In fact, with this, the sales of this device will increase and Sony will earn more from its cloud games service.

Considering the popularity of handheld game consoles, maybe Sony will unveil such a device in the future and not just a display for streaming its main console games.

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