Sony team visit Kojima Productions studio

On the eve of the PlayStation Showcase, members of Sony have visited Kojima Productions studio to strengthen the rumors of Death Stranding 2’s presence at the ceremony.

A large number of Sony employees have visited the Kojima Productions studio located in the historical district of Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan. There is also a friendly photo of members of XDEV, the marketing team of Sony Interactive Entertainment and other employees of the Japanese company in front of the giant Ludence statue.

This trip is so long for them that it cannot be considered just a simple and friendly visit. So there may be another reason for this trip. As we approach the long-awaited PlayStation Showcase, which will feature games big and small, we may hear more about the reason for the visit. Perhaps the strongest guess is the presence of Death Stranding 2 in this event.

The visit of Sony company members to Kojima Productions studio

The visit of Sony company members to Kojima Productions studio 2

What do you think were the goals behind this visit and why did Sony company members visit Hideo Kojima’s studio? Will we see a new game from this legendary developer at the PlayStation Showcase, or will we see a gameplay trailer for Death Stranding 2? Share your comments with us.

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