Soon you will only be offered tweets from verified users on Twitter

Twitter is trying hard to encourage users to buy a Blue subscription, and in the latest move in this direction, it has been announced that soon the only tweets of users on the tab For you It is suggested that Verified account Have. Additionally, only Blue Service users will be able to participate in surveys.

Elon Musk, in a tweet He wrote on his page April 15 (April 26) Only verified accounts get a chance to show you their tweets in the For You tab. The CEO of Twitter claims that this method is the only logical method for Dealing with smart bots Is. By the same token, only verified accounts can log in polls to vote

Twitter makes it harder for non-blue users to be active

Twitter recently started the global rollout of the blue service and announced the removal of the old blue ticks. With this decision, which is scheduled to take effect on April 12, verified accounts will mean accounts that have purchased the Blue service or government and corporate accounts that have been verified with gray or gold ticks.

Although Elon Musk says these changes will solve the problem of bots in this social network, removing the old blue tick system will not help this problem. In fact, the previous verification system required users to send a photo of their ID to Twitter, but you only need a phone number to purchase the Blue service. So even bots can buy this service.

The current owner of Twitter said a few days ago that the value of this social network has almost halved and reached 20 billion dollars. Therefore, it may not be far from the mind that he will come up with any method to lead users to buy the subscription rights of this company and bring income to his company.

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