SpaceX sent the first female Saudi astronaut into space + video

SpaceX and AxiomSpace successfully launched the second all-private NASA mission, Ax-2, to deliver four people, including two Americans and two Saudis, to the International Space Station. This is the first time that a Saudi woman goes to space.

At 01:07 this morning Iran time, SpaceX sent four astronauts into space on the Dragon capsule on the Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This operation reached the Max Q point in about 60 seconds after launch, during which the rocket withstands the most pressure.

Then, in the 150th second, the main engine of the rocket was turned off, and then the first stage of the spacecraft separated from the passenger capsule. Falcon 9 then returned to Earth to finally land after about 7 minutes and 45 seconds of launch time. This booster can now be used for the next SpaceX missions after receiving the necessary services.

When will the Ax-2 astronauts arrive at the space station?

The Dragon capsule is now in Earth orbit and, as planned, approx 5 o’clock today It will reach the International Space Station in Iran time. The four occupants of this capsule after connecting to the station, for a period of time 10 days They will be present at this international base to conduct more than 20 experiments related to science and technology in different fields.

As previously announced, the operation commander, “Peggy WhitsonHe is an American and a retired NASA astronaut who spent 665 days in space. In this respect, she is considered a record holder among female astronauts. But the next three occupants of the Ax-2 mission were not professional astronauts.

John SchaffnerHe is an American businessman and investor who was trained as a pilot for this mission. by his side, “Ali Al-Qarni” And “Rayane BarnawiThey are also present in the Ax-2 mission from Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi Arabian Space Commission has provided the cost of their flight. Bernawi is the first woman from this country to experience a space trip throughout history.

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