Spotify became the first paid music service with over 200 million subscribers

Spotify says the total number of paid subscribers to the music streaming service as of December 31, 2022 will be 205 million it is arrived. This company is now including its free users 489 million monthly active users and this figure has increased by 20% compared to the same period last year.

Spotify in Financial report of the fourth quarter of 2022 He announced that he has appeared beyond the forecasts and increased the number of paid users compared to the same period in 2021. 14 percent has increased The company expected their paid subscribers to reach 202 million and their monthly active users to reach 479 million.

The world’s largest music streaming service in the last financial quarter of approx 250 million dollars has had an operating loss, but this figure has not changed much from before and does not seem to be particularly important for Spotify, as the Swedish company focuses on seasonal rather than seasonal profitability. Growth has put

Spotify’s operating loss was lower than expected

Of course, this figure of operational loss is less than the loss forecast 325 million dollars They have been for this financial season. Spotify says their average revenue per premium subscriber is now approx $4.93 is compared to the same period last year 3 percent has increased, but it has decreased slightly compared to the previous financial quarter.

This report is published in a situation where the company announced last week about the adjustment of about six percent of its forces. Additionally, today’s report did not provide information on Spotify’s new HiFi subscription. This service, which was introduced about two years ago, allowed access to higher quality songs in exchange for a higher fee, but it seems that considering the provision of these features for free in the music services of Apple and Amazon, Spotify should also reconsider its decision.

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