Square Enix will continue to make exclusive games for PlayStation

A Square Enix executive says they will continue with their current multi-platform strategy, which includes making certain games exclusive to the PlayStation.

Executive directors of Square Enix have told the company’s shareholders that they will continue with their multi-platform strategy in the coming years. Unlike publishers like Tic-Toe Interactive and Electronic Arts, Square Enix is ​​a flexible game company; This means that they do not consider themselves obliged to release all their games for all platforms.

The Japanese publisher has a different system: instead of releasing its titles on all platforms, the company apparently chooses the right option for its games based on several factors, including the number of installed bases, mass market appeal, and how much platform owners pay for them. This has caused us to see exclusive contracts for some of the company’s best games with PlayStation.

Some of Square Enix’s recent games have not been released on Xbox, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake not being released due to the contract with Sony and PlayStation and the possible release of Final Fantasy. 16 for similar reasons. Of course, this case is not specific to PlayStation and Square Enix may have signed a contract with Nintendo and Sony for Octopath Traveler 2..

Square Enix logo for E3 2021

Of course, it is not the case that none of Square Enix’s works will be published on Xbox. The publisher released the remaster of Chrono Cross, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion for Xbox. DioFIELD Chronicle is also available on Xbox, and let’s not forget the Kingdom Hearts series. Several games from the Japanese company are also available on Xbox Game Pass, such as Dragon Quest Builders 2.

With this introduction, let’s talk about the executive directors of the mentioned company. Square Enix’s management team says the publisher will continue its current policy. Of course, it is not directly said that we will see more exclusive contracts; But the current strategy of the company is like this, so it is expected that the same procedure will continue in the future.

Cleo's angry look in Final Fantasy 16

During the 9-month financial report, it was asked what is your platform strategy for new games being released? Answered We intend to continue our current multi-platform strategy. The company says it still has many more games in development that may be included in this release structure; Including Final Fantasy 16, which has been confirmed as a PlayStation exclusive for 6 months.

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