Stanford researchers built an exoskeleton with a Raspberry Pi computer + photo

Stanford University researchers have developed an exoskeleton that can be worn like a shoe and can help people who have difficulty walking. This device with a small computer raspberry pie And some other sensors have been made.

A group of experts from Stanford University has designed a device that allows people with limited mobility to Faster and easier to move This device offers several advantages over similar models.

Instead of being an expensive, wired and heavy device, the product of Stanford engineers is a small device like the boot It is wearable and can work independently of other devices. Additionally, because it uses a Raspberry Pi computer, it can run multiple threads of code simultaneously. This computer is possible Complex motion processing provides and at the same time able to Learning unique body movements is human

This exoskeleton learns the movement patterns of the user

When the user uses this exoskeleton for the first time, it is enough one hour walk with it so that the device learns the movement patterns of the person. This device uses several sensors, a motion motor and a motor driver to make walking easier for the person.

Researchers say that the Raspberry Pi computer is able to improve the momentary control of the device with the help of sensor data and provide its first advantages to the user within 15 minutes. The website of Raspberry Pi, which has published an article about this device, says that users can use this device for approx. 9% faster move and energy consumption yourself 17 percent reduce Researchers say these figures are like carrying a 13 kg backpack and not carrying it anymore.

This device has great potential not only for people with mobility disabilities, but also for elderly people who face difficulties in walking as they age. The results of scientists’ efforts have been published in an article in Nature.

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