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The sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order called Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has a wonderful story, action sequences and of course an extremely beautiful world. There is no doubt that the game developers at Respawn Studio have succeeded in creating a game that all Star Wars fans will love without exception. Nevertheless, Jedi Survivor has one of the worst ports in the history of the PC, which crashed and dropped frames from the middle of the game. Stay tuned for the review of Vijayato.

Author’s note: The game Jedi Survivor has suffered a lot of problems due to its faulty release and graphical problems, frame drops and game crashes, especially on PC and even on stronger hardware. The following text does not directly mention these problems, but they were influential in Vijayato’s final score. These issues have been partially resolved with post-release patches, but we still do not recommend the game experience in its current state until the game developer fixes the shortcomings.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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The story of Star Wars has always been not only about the battle with lightsabers and rage and power, but also about the battle between good and evil. Sith have always been the bad guys in the story and drowned in the corruption of power, and the Jedi have been the good guys in the story who came forward with the offer of peace. Although this idea worked for decades on Star Wars, the general philosophy of new movies and of course games like Jedi Survivor tries to get a better understanding of this conflict between good and evil. Therefore, Jedi Survivor is not only about a dark side and a light side, but also a story about the complexity of decision-making in power and anger.

Just like what the infamous movie like The Last Jedi and the well-made series like Andor do, Star Wars Respawn tries to draw a new meaning and concept from the heart of this world. The story of the game takes place five years after the first version; Where Cal Custis has separated from his former friends, but he is still fighting to destroy the Empire, and of course, he is wanted by the agents of the Empire. The planet where you start the game is Bracca, and the opening of the game is just as successful as the first version in creating the same correct and principled atmosphere.

Jeda Survivor has an interesting and symbolic opening. Perhaps one of the reasons why Jedi Fallen Order and this game are compared to titles like Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is their common sense. In Jeda Survivor, after we see the first logos of the game and the studio that created the game, we see the Jedi Temple showing, and the game slowly prepares us to see the hero of our story, Kal Castis. When we finally see him, Cal is now a little older, more settled, and of course more pained. It is as if we have felt the passing of these five years in the real world and we can communicate with him very easily. This was something that the Batman games over time simulated very well for us, and now Jedi Survivor is a more advanced and complete game than Jedi Fallen Order.

After 2-3 hours from the beginning of the game, you will probably notice that the title of the second part of the game, or Jedi Survivor, suits it more than any other name. The hero of our story is a wanted man, and now everything is happening to him in a serious and bigger way. The winding path that Cal Custis sees in front of him is a path full of lonely moments and far greater dangers that he must go through to reach his main goal. The game does its best in creating twists and turns of the story, and the direction of Stig Asmussen, whose work we previously saw in the direction of Jedi Fallen Order and God of War 3, shines here as well. Although the story of the game follows a fixed pattern of the hero’s journey and is a bit clichéd and predictable, it will appeal to anyone who considers themselves a Star Wars fan.

Review of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Vijayato

The gameplay influenced by Fallen Order tries to keep the same innovations that were achieved in that game, and add new elements to it. These changes, which are mostly seen in the combat system of the game, can be seen in the fight using lightsabers. In the previous game, lightsaber fighting was fun but lacked the styles to create enough variety throughout. Now you can rotate your laser weapon in the air in different ways and destroy the enemies with it. From holding two lightsabers at the same time to shooting from a distance and of course a cross-guard mode similar to what Kylo-Ren did in the movies.

The presence of different stances in the game makes up for the lack of diversity of the previous game in terms of combat, and we face a title that expects you to learn each of these fighting styles in a different way and in different situations – especially at the end of the game. – Use them.

The game has bigger maps and more locations than Fallen Order. Each of the game’s locations are actually designed with great care on the new planets that we see, which make the game’s level design score from acceptable to perfect. The new environments that we see in Jedi Survivor are very different from each other both in terms of appearance and environmental challenges and platforming, and of course the game constantly encourages the audience to explore more. The story becomes interesting when, during this excursion, Cal can find new tools for personalization, and of course, the player feels his presence among NPCs and the surrounding world, important and influential. Another feature that was very important in this version was fast travel, which many players complained about in the previous game.

Review of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Vijayato

Game customization was one of my favorite parts of Jedi Survivor. Since all modders are trying to make weird things possible in character creation these days, Respawn’s approach to Jedi Survivor is admirable; All the different details of Kal Castis including his clothes, hairstyle and beard and of course his lightsaber details are customizable in this game which is great news for detail lovers.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a huge game and it takes dozens of hours to finish. Personally, I spent about 25 to 30 hours playing the game until the story was finished, and of course, I still haven’t seen some parts of the game completely. Jedi Survivor is one of those games where you can spend as much time as you want and not regret it. Every corner of this game is full of puzzles and hidden hints, which are fun to find, and the game does not force you to do them in a specific order. The game also has various shrines that, just like the Zelda games, reward you in exchange for solving its puzzles. In addition to all this, the game also has interesting side stages, the most interesting of which, in my opinion, are the bonus missions where you have to look for wanted people.

The development of the character of Cal Custis in this way and his becoming a leader and someone that the other characters rely on feels very good, which in my opinion is one of the spectacular stories of this year. Jedi Survivor, like other works of the Star Wars world, is a game centered on the conflict between good and evil. A story in which we now have the role of the hero and the game allows us to see the different layers of his personality and feel his changes compared to the previous game. In general, Jedi Survivor tries to be a more mature and thoughtful game, along with gameplay improvements, both in terms of combat and movement and level design.

In short, that…

The new Star Wars game proves that Respawn is no less skilled in storytelling than the best storytellers today and makes us excited for the story to continue.

Review of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Vijayato
Review of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Vijayato

I will buy it…

If you consider yourself a fan of the Star Wars series and especially the game Jedi Fallen Order, you should not miss the experience of Jedi Survivor as one of the best games of the year.

I don’t buy it…

The only thing that prevents “Jadea Survivor” from becoming a perfect work is the technical problems. Problems that poison your experience on consoles and especially on PC.

Review of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Vijayato

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