Starship will be ready for next launch in 6-8 weeks

spaceship Starship As the most powerful rocket ever built, SpaceX made its first test mission a few days ago, which eventually led to its explosion. The space company owned by Elon Musk at that time announced the reason for the Starship explosion by publishing a statement, and now Musk has said that this rocket six until the eight weeks It can have another test flight.

Since Starship’s first test flight, SpaceX engineers, federal regulators and environmental activists have struggled to assess the consequences of the spacecraft’s explosion. The federal government has also started an investigation into the explosion, which may take weeks or months. Now, according to a CNN report, Elon Musk said during a Twitter conversation:

“The result of this test flight pretty much matched what I expected, and maybe even exceeded my expectations a little.”

Musk happily announced that the starship suffered very little damage during the incident; However, it will take “six to eight weeks” to prepare the necessary infrastructure for another launch.


NASA’s opinion on the future of Starship

NASA, which was not directly involved in the Starship flight test, has a major contribution to its overall success. The American space agency plans to launch its astronauts to the moon with this rocket in a mission called Artemis III, which will be carried out in 2025.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson recently said during the company’s financial hearing before the House of Representatives Committee:

“I’m reporting to you today that SpaceX continues to say that it will take at least two months to rebuild their launch pad and, meanwhile, it will take about two months to get their second spacecraft ready for launch.”

During this test mission, the Starship spacecraft was launched into space with SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster. Minutes after liftoff, the spacecraft was expected to separate from the booster, but the powerful rocket suffered a malfunction and several engines caught fire during the test flight. This eventually caused its height to decrease and fall.

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