Steven Spielberg’s harsh criticism of Warner Bros. for “relegating” movies to the streaming service

It seems that Steven Spielberg is one of the most vocal critics of streaming services, especially HBO Max, who, in his opinion, have treated filmmakers very badly.

Steven Spielbergthe director who won multiple Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Emmy awards, who is the creator of works such as Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. In his recent interview with the New York Times, he sharply criticized the decisions of the Warner Brothers company in 2021. He explained about the results of the transfer of films to streaming services during the peak of the spread of the Corona virus and said that this event changed the film industry forever. In a part of his conversation, he says about this:

“The Corona pandemic created an opportunity for streaming platforms to increase their subscriber numbers to unprecedented records. But this simultaneously threw some of my best filmmaker friends under the bus, and their works, disrespectfully, were not released at all. They were paid and their films were suddenly relegated to streaming services, in this particular case, HBO Max. After that, everything started to change.”

He continued with Warner Bros. and the HBO Max service aimed to release all of his works in 2021 simultaneously in cinemas and on this streaming platform. Spielberg lamented the loss of the special experience of going to the cinema if the theaters are permanently closed in the future.

Steven Spielberg

“Of course, I think older audiences were relieved not to have to step on sticky popcorn on the movie theater floor anymore. But I really believe that the same older audiences are in a much better mood when they go into a movie theater and are in a social situation with a bunch of strangers. It depends on the films being so good that the audience starts talking to each other as soon as the lights come back on.”

Spielberg went on to talk about the survival of cinema among its fans: “It was encouraging for me that Elvis broke the record of 100 million dollars at the domestic box office. Many of the audience who went to see this movie were older moviegoers, and I was very hopeful that people started returning to cinemas after passing the Corona era. I really think movies are coming back.”

The movie The Fabelmans, the latest production Steven Spielberg It will be released in theaters at the same time as the Thanksgiving holiday by Universal Pictures.

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