Stopping the development of artificial intelligence will not solve the problem

An open letter signed and published a few days ago by a group of technology activists, including Elon Musk, will not solve any challenge in the opinion of Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. The letter asked AI labs to temporarily stop developing models more advanced than GPT-4.

According to Reuters, Bill Gates said about the controversial open letter that was published last week that everyone should focus on How to use Let’s talk about the advances in artificial intelligence. He says he doesn’t see how stopping the development of this technology can help the world.

“I don’t think asking a group to stop development solves a challenge,” said the Microsoft co-founder. It is clear that there are great advantages in using these tools. What we need to do is to identify the areas that need more attention.”

Bill Gates: The development of artificial intelligence can eliminate inequalities

Although Bill Gates currently works full-time on philanthropic projects, he is a supporter of the development of artificial intelligence and considers this technology as revolutionary as the Internet or mobile phones. In a post written a day before the publication of this letter, he said that he believes that artificial intelligence can be a part of Inequalities of the world to fix

Gates also said about the letter that the implementation and enforcement of the details of the stoppage of work on artificial intelligence will be very complicated: “I really do not understand who should stop their work and will all the countries of the world agree to stop development? Why should they stop their work? But there are different opinions about this.”

A letter addressed to AI labs published last week was apparently signed by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Pinterest, the CEO of Stability AI, the CEO of Getty Images, and a group of university professors. This letter says that artificial intelligence technology can create risks for humanity and society, and its continued development requires more detailed planning.

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