Stopping the production of the Penguin series due to the writers’ strike

New reports are announcing that the production of the Penguin series from the DC universe has been halted due to the writers’ strike.

Nearly a month after the start of the strike by members of the Writers Union of America, Deadline HC has announced that the filming and production of the Penguin series will be stopped due to these widespread strikes. According to published information, the interference caused by the Eastern Writers Union demonstration in New York state, which is also the filming location of this project, has caused the production team and Warner Brothers to announce the official stop of the production of this series to all members of the production team.

The challenges of the recent strikes of Hollywood writers also caused Daredevil: Born Again and Wonder Man to end their production for an indefinite period last week. According to analysts’ assessment, these strikes, which have taken place to protest the unfair and inhumane working conditions and wages of writers in Hollywood industry projects, cause financial losses of more than 10 million dollars per day for the big studios of this industry.

Colin Farrell as Penguin in new promo art for The Batman

Previously Colin Farrell, character actor Azwald Kabulpat/Penguin, focus on emergence and empowerment Azwald Kabulpat In the vacuum created after Carmine’s murder, he introduced Falcon as the main idea of ​​this Penguin series. Matt Reeves, the producer of The Penguin series, also mentions classics such as The Long Good Friday (1980) and Wounded Face (1983) as sources of inspiration for this series in depicting the Penguin’s rise to power.

Laverne LeFrank, who has produced the series Impulse and Agents of SHIELD, is known as the showrunner and scriptwriter of this series. Dylan Clark, Matt Reeves, Colin Ferrell, Daniel Pesky, Adam Kasan and Rafi Krohn are among the other producers of this project. Craig Zobel, who previously directed episodes of The Leftovers, Westworld, Mare of Easttown and The Hunt, is in the production stages of this project as the director and producer of the first two episodes of the Penguin series.

Christian Milioti, Clancy Brown, Rinzi Feliz, Michael Kelly, Dedra O’Connell, Shahreh Aghdashlo, Theo Rossi, Michael Ziegen, James Madeo, Scott CoenLe Kelly, Dedra O’Connell and Shahreh Aghdashloo are other actors who appear in The Penguin series. The Penguin series will be produced in 8 episodes to be broadcast on Max network in 2024. There are also rumors about the return of Robert Pattinson to play the role of Bruce Wayne.

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