Stunning and very realistic graphics of the independent game Unrecord in the new trailer

The new trailer released from the first-person shooter game Unrecord with its stunning and very realistic graphics has created a lot of discussion among Internet users.

The two-minute trailer for Unrecord, developed by French indie studio Drama, shows a police officer entering an abandoned building and clashing with a number of armed criminals. The gameplay view of this game is inspired by the camera installed on the uniform of the police officers, and the point that draws attention to this trailer is the ultra-realistic graphics and the unique movements of the characters in the environment of this game, which you can have a look at below.

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Alexander Spindler, the director and programmer of this game, shared the mentioned video on his Twitter account, which has been viewed 71 million times by the audience. Many users discussed the realistic effects of the environment of this game.

Some users, referring to the high capacity of the Unreal Engine 5 graphic engine in creating realistic images, pointed out that the motion blur filters in the movements of the game characters and imitating the movements of the camera mounted on the uniform of police officers can hide some defects and the structure of the game and create illusions. Create a real movie.

Also, some others believe that this game can attract the attention of users due to the controversial topic and the level of detail used in it. David Goldfarb, founder and creative director of The Outsiders, the studio behind Metal: Hellsinger About this game, he said that the game’s graphics look “very interesting”, but the environment and atmosphere are deeply disturbing.

Users' opinions about the trailer of the game Honorcord

After some suggested that the game shouldn’t be made at all due to its subject matter and mood, Goldfarb went on to add: “Let me be very clear, games that may make you feel uncomfortable or distressed have their place and I did not say anywhere that this game should not be made. About whether I will experience this game? I must say that I do not know; Maybe… it depends. “I just don’t think a cop simulator killing everybody feels good.”

Unrecord game is on its way to the Steam platform and is currently available for wishlisting. The release date of this game has not yet been announced.

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