Supplying energy through breathing

Every year approx 150 thousand To treat Parkinson’s symptoms, patients receive a brain implant whose battery needs to be replaced every two or three years. Now, researchers have succeeded in designing a system of brain implants that supplies the energy it needs through the inhalation and exhalation of the patient.

Since 1997 use of implant Approved for the treatment of Parkinson’s symptoms. In this treatment method, a device is usually placed under the patient’s chest and wires go from it to the brain. Currently, patients undergoing implant treatment have to change the device’s battery every two or three years, and surgery is required to replace the battery. In recent years, this method is used to treat depression and some other problems.

In order to solve the problem of battery replacement, researchers have started a practical initiative and developed a system in which the energy needed by the device is supplied through the patient’s body parts and his breathing system.

Brain implant and its energy supply

Scientists at the University of Connecticut in their new system to a solution for brain stimulation achieved This team designed a device that can supply the energy needed by the brain implant through the person’s breathing movements. The implant consists of layers of triboelectric material that generate electricity from friction. This current of electricity can charge a bio-supercapacitor, which in turn powers the deep brain stimulator.

This team tested their device on a simulated pig and the pig’s lung was able to supply the energy required by the implant during inhalation and exhalation. 60 electrical pulses per second created Researchers continue to strive to develop efficient brain implant systems. This method can become a turning point in the use of brain implants in the treatment of diseases.

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