Synthetic fuel will cost up to 50% more than regular fuel

The European Parliament is considering the sale of gasoline and diesel cars with zero kilometers From 2035 to ban later. The purpose of this decision is to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and help preserve the environment. In the meantime, some countries and automobile companies hope to invest in zinc Synthetic fuelcan save internal combustion engines. But on the other hand, some critics say that the preparation of synthetic fuel requires a lot of energy. That’s why its cost will be higher for consumers than normal fuel. Also, more energy consumption in production processes means an increase in pollution.

The results of a new study conducted by the researchers of the International Clean Transport Council indicate that each liter of synthetic fuel has a price equal to 2.80 euros Will have. Such a figure is approx 50% more than the daily price of gasoline It is in a country like Germany. If we want to be more precise and objective, we have to say that filling the 75-liter tank of the Porsche Cayenne SUV with synthetic fuel will cost the owner 210 euros or 228 dollars.

Porsche Cayenne synthetic fuel

Using Cain’s example is not without reason, because Porsche It is considered among the big investors of synthetic fuel. Other than Porsche, Inc runaway He has also opened a special account for this type of fuel and hopes to be able to produce sports models with an internal combustion engine with its help.

Synthetic fuel and increase in side emissions

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic fuels are not completely clean. As we mentioned above, the production of this type of fuel A lot of energy needs. In addition, it should be said that synthetic fuel will be imported in many countries. As a result, the processes related to its transportation and delivery cause Increasing the final price for consumers will be It goes without saying that in this case only a certain class will be able to use synthetic fuel.

Therefore, it is not true to think that synthetic fuel will reduce the emissions of internal combustion vehicles to zero. In the best case, it can be said that these types of fuels can Part of the pollution Reduce production by internal combustion vehicles.

Synthetic fuel

Perhaps the proponents of synthetic fuels will succeed in finding a place for it in the policies of the European Parliament. But in this case, the goals related to environmental protection will not be fully achieved. It is not bad to know that the use of synthetic fuel in internal combustion engines, although much less than gasoline and diesel, but still some Carbon dioxide and carcinogenic particles enters the atmosphere

“Alex Keynes”, one of the directors of the “Transportation and Environment” Institute, believes that synthetic fuels are anything but Intersectional solution It will not be for owners of Porsche products. In an interesting comment, he said that the efforts of German politicians to prevent the removal of internal combustion engines and their hopes for synthetic fuels endanger the green future of Europe and the automotive industry of this continent.

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