Teasing Tesla this time by Renault; After Ford, it was the turn of the French + video

When Tesla introduces a new product, it usually takes a long time to bring it to market. In fact, this company has a habit of unveiling a new car without providing the necessary infrastructure for mass production. This causes customers to experience a long wait for the delivery of their orders. now Renault This problem has been used as an excuse to make fun of Tesla in its promotional video!

Renault advertising video subject, Tesla’s heavy duty tow truck It is called Semi. In this ironic video, a worker installs a Tesla Semi poster on a wall. At the same time, a caption appears saying: “There are those who make great claims.”

Next, the worker installing the Tesla poster, riding on a Renault electric truck And this time the phrase “And there are those who are traveling miles” will be written on the screen!

In the explanation of the video mocking Tesla, Renault adds that the company’s electric trucks so far have a record total 2 million kilometers The trip has been recorded. You may know that this French carmaker has E-Tech Master, E-Tech D and E-Tech D Wide electric trucks on its production lines. The carrying capacity of these trucks varies between 3.1 and 26 tons. Unlike the Tesla Semi, these trucks are more suitable for transporting cargo over short distances and are produced in a special factory for electric vehicles located in Blainville-sur-Orne.

Musk promises to deliver the Tesla Semi in the near future

It is not bad to mention that according to Elon Musk’s latest promises, Tesla Semi will soon enter the mass production phase. This controversial entrepreneur announced the company on October 7 Pepsi He is the first buyer in December 1st will receive orders for the Tesla Semi. The thought-provoking point is that only 5 days after this promise, the failure of the Semi prototype on the side of a freeway became very newsworthy and its images covered the entire Internet!

There is no information about the cause of the failure of the said prototype, but the fact is that such an incident is not new and for the models Prototype It happens a lot. According to the existing conditions, it seems that Mr. Musk’s claim will not come true again, or at least it should be viewed with skepticism.

It is worth mentioning the noisy killer Tesla Semi November 2017 It was unveiled and was supposed to go on sale in 2019. But with frequent delays, there is still no news of this electric tractor on the streets and roads. In any case, we will have to wait and see if Pepsi will deliver its orders on December 1st.

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