Tens of thousands of songs produced by artificial intelligence were removed from Spotify

Spotify Tens of thousands of songs by the startup Boomy artificial intelligence were produced from its platform. Another notable thing that has been announced in the reports related to this news is that the amount of streams of songs produced by artificial intelligence by bots has apparently increased.

Launched in 2021, startup Boomy explains on its website that it has produced 14.5 million songs, or about 14 percent of the world’s recorded music, as Insider noted in its report. Boomy allows users to produce songs in a variety of genres and then publish them to streaming services such as Spotify. However, the Financial Times reported that the songs were removed from Spotify due to their fake streaming numbers.

Boomy artificial intelligence

In the continuation of this report, it is said that Universal Music Group, as the largest company in the music industry, has warned all the main streaming platforms that it has observed suspicious activities in the songs created by Boomy, which shows that bots have been used to increase the audience of the songs. The Financial Times explains that after the announcement, Spotify removed about 7 percent of the songs released by Boomy.

Spotify statement on AI issues

In a statement sent to Insider, Spotify said:

“Unrealistic streaming is a long-standing industry problem that Spotify is working to address across its service. “When we identify or become aware of potential manipulation, we mitigate the impact by taking actions that may include removing stream counts and withholding royalties.”

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said last month that the music industry was concerned about AI-produced songs, adding that Spotify hoped to “create a situation” where it could protect creators. And it is still possible to innovate on this platform.

Also, last month, a song entitled “Heart on My Sleeve” was released on social networks and music streaming platforms, in which the voices of two American singers (Drake and The Weeknd) were apparently simulated with the help of artificial intelligence. This song faced a strong backlash from Universal Music Group due to the violation of copyright law, and finally, it was removed from social networks and music streaming platforms.

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