Tesco GH5165 gaming headset review

Sound experience occupies a large part of our overall gaming experience. Especially if you are a fan of online multiplayer games where you need a high-quality audio experience along with the ability to communicate with other teammates.

Tesco gaming headset model GH5165

As a result, choosing and preparing a high-quality headset becomes very important for gamers. Today we are going to introduce the GH5165 gaming headset from the Iranian brand Tesco (TSCO); A relatively new model from Tesco that brings together the features of a high-quality headset in a reasonably priced model.

Unboxing and packing

Like other newer products of this brand, the GH5165 gaming headset also uses a high-quality matte black packaging. By opening the package, you can access the headset, warranty card, Persian manual, a keyring gift and of course a plastic stand for the headset. This base can be used to store and display the headset next to the gaming stand.

Appearance and body design of Tesco GH5165 gaming headset

The first noticeable thing that is felt when holding this product is the high quality of the body. The upper part or the aluminum frame and the handsets are made of a combination of strong ABS plastic and leather cushions. The Tesco logo and RGB lighting can be seen on the two phones of this headset, which gives the product a gaming effect. There is also a flexible microphone on the left earpiece that cannot be detached.

The headset has a relatively low weight of 300 grams, so it will not be tiring to use on the head. Due to the leather strap embedded in this product, the headset can be used according to the size of the head. Also, the use of large cups has caused a complete coverage on the head and prevents the sound of the microphone from circulating.

Tesco GH5165 gaming headset hardware and connections

The GH5165 headset uses a vibration motor and 50 mm drivers in each ear to provide virtual and immersive 7.1 sound and significant bass in the audio experience. The audio experience of this headset is a mid-range model that provides a clear experience for users. However, if your goal is to get a music headset, this headset is not the best option on the market.

  Tesco GH5165 gaming headset

The positive point of this headset is the built-in microphone that transmits a clear and clear sound with a sensitivity of -45 dB and noise cancellation. In order to test this product, the X episodes of the Minecraft Vijayato series (the link will be updated) have been recorded with this headset. The sound quality of the microphone of this headset is not ideal for creating content, but if you plan to play and stream, you will have a high-quality experience.

Tesco GH5165 gaming headset connections

The GH5165 headset uses a USB connection with a 2.1 meter linen cable that allows you a simple Plug & Play experience. There is a controller on this cable that can control the sound, lighting and of course the vibration motor of the headset.

The laser engine installed on this headset, which is activated by the “V” key, is a new and different feature in the Tesco headset series, which will give you a different audio experience. This haptic vibration engine gives you audio feedback according to bass sounds, which makes the audio experience of the device different, especially in action games.

Weight About 300 grams
Connection 2.1 meter long USB cable
Audio drive with a diameter of 50 mm
Speaker frequency range 20 to 20,000 Hz
Speaker sensitivity 108±3 decibels (dB)
Microphone sensitivity -45±3 decibels (dB)
Speaker impedance 15±32% Ohm
Microphone impedance 2200 Ohm
Software support Support for Windows 7 and above + exclusive software

Tesco GH5165 gaming headset software support

According to the information in the booklet, this headset is fully compatible with Windows 7 and above. It is also designed to improve the experience of a dedicated software for this headset that you can easily download on the Windows platform. However, I had good experience connecting this device to Mac and Linux operating systems.


The GH5165 headset is the latest audio product of the Iranian Tesco brand, which, with its beautiful appearance and introduction of new features, has been able to offer gamers a high-quality experience in an economical price range.

GH5165 headset

headsets Tesco By improving the quality, they have been able to overcome many similar Chinese competitors in the market and offer a high-quality domestic product at a lower price. You can get this product with Tesco’s 18-month warranty from reputable stores.

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