The 14.1-inch iPad Pro is likely to be equipped with the base version of the M3 Pro chip

Apple is likely to unveil the M3 Pro and Max chips by the end of this year and use them in the new generation MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches. However, it looks like another product will be equipped with the M3 Pro chip this year: the 14.1-inch iPad Pro. Of course, apparently we only have to wait for the basic version of this chip in the upcoming tablet from Cupertino.

For a long time, we have seen rumors about the production of iPad Pro larger than the current versions, and apparently Apple wants to persuade users to buy it with a super powerful chip. Of course, using the powerful M3 Pro chip in a tablet has its own challenges.

The 14.1-inch iPad Pro will be equipped with the base version of the M3 Pro

Tablets have less space for air circulation and cooling of internal parts than laptops; Therefore, Apple cannot go for high-end versions of its chips for iPad; But this does not mean the low power of the base version of the M3 Pro chip.

iPad Pro 14.1 inch M3 Pro

According to rumors, Apple uses 12 processing cores in the base version of the M3 Pro chip, which includes 6 powerful cores and 6 low-power cores. By comparing this chip with M2 Pro, we are faced with two more cores, although these two cores are low-power and not powerful. The use of two low-consumption cores leads to an increase in the performance of the device, but on the other hand, its energy consumption does not increase much.

Since the 14.1-inch iPad Pro has larger dimensions compared to current versions, its back panel can better dissipate heat. In fact, increasing the level can partially fill the void of the fan. Of course, apart from this issue, Apple can reduce the frequency of the M3 Pro chip cores in its future tablet compared to MacBooks in order to reduce the heat generated by it in addition to reducing energy consumption.

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