The Aimi app was released with a focus on music made with artificial intelligence

Aimi app Designed to continuously listen to music produced by artificial intelligence, in the past, its beta version was available to only 5,000 users. Now, those interested can install this application publicly on their smartphones and tablets through the App Store and Google Play.

Program Aimee What capabilities does it have?

The Aimi application, which has been released for both Android and iOS operating systems, can provide synthetic music to its users. By manipulating a few simple elements in this app, people can change the songs to their liking and listen to them in an unlimited way. Among the services similar to this product, we can mention and, which have been able to meet relatively good feedback in recent years.

AI-based continuous music players are usually used during sports activities or work and can produce sounds to enhance concentration or relaxation. Users in the said program, by liking or disliking songs, will be able to accompany the artificial intelligence algorithm in recognizing their taste. A key for random playback is also considered, which allows the total change of the currently playing song.

aimi app

People can instruct the Aimi program to play a certain part for a shorter or longer period of time, and even this possibility is considered to determine the repetition rate of different parts. The creators of the aforementioned application initially planned to offer a paid subscription at a cost of $10 per month to their users in order to have access to more possibilities to control music; But the advanced features were provided for free during the trial period. In the current version, there is no in-app payment; But it is possible that we will see the addition of paid subscription plans in the next updates.

The platform has tried to attract more people to generative music by releasing a mobile application. Also, its developers plan to release the Aimi Studio service later this year, which will be a tool for more control over this type of music.

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