The American child genius graduated from high school at the age of 9! + Photo

The 9-year-old genius from Pennsylvania in America, who loves science and computer programming, has become one of the youngest people to graduate from high school so early. David Balogan says he wants to Astrophysicist Be and about Black holes and supernovae to study

According to the Guardian, 9-year-old David Balogan recently received his diploma from Rich High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He attended classes remotely from his home in suburban Philadelphia. David has now become one of the youngest children to graduate from high school.

He actually The second Nafer is on the list of the youngest high school graduates. “Michael Kearney» tops the list as the Guinness World Record holder for graduating high school at the age of six. Kearney set this record in 1990 and no one else has succeeded in taking his place yet. However, Balogan is now higher thanRonan Farrow“, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who graduated from high school at the age of 11.

David Balogan and his parents

Raising a genius child has its own challenges

David says he already knew he wanted to spend his career studying astrophysics. The parents of this teenage genius are university graduates, but they say that raising a child with this level of intelligence and talent is not an easy task.

“I had to think outside the box,” says Rania, David’s mother. He is a 9-year-old child whose brain has the capacity to understand and digest Concepts beyond his age And sometimes it is even beyond my understanding.” David says some teachers at school have encouraged him to pursue his studies and pursue his passion.

David, who is a member of the gifted community Mensa Since graduating high school, he has spent a semester at Bucks Regional College. At the same time, he and his parents are looking for other universities that can respond to his special talents. In addition to studying science, David is pursuing a black belt Martial Arts and to play Piano is also interested.

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