The ancestors of many people of the East African coast are Iranian

A study of centuries-old DNA reveals the complex ancestry of the people of the East African coast and how their medieval civilization came to be. According to this research, the ancestors of many of these people are Iranian. In fact, their genetic composition includes women from Africa and Iranian men.

In this DNA study, researchers of eighty people from five different regions of Kenya and Tanzania belonging to the years 1250 to 1880 AD examined. They found that the genetics of more than half of the tested cases are related to the east coast of Africa, and the other major part is related to Asia; About ninety percent Of this number (that is, 90% of half of them), in fact, the genes of Iranian men and ten percent The other gene is Indian men.

Before this, the increase in Afro-Asian marriages of people around the mentioned years had raised questions about the dominant gene of the next generations. “Esther Beryl“, a geneticist at Harvard University and the main author of this study, which was published in the journalnature” has been published, he says: “At that time, Iranian men married African women, as a result of which we have witnessed an increase in social inequalities in terms of genetics; The dominant gene in this connection was the gene of Iranian men.

According to the researchers, African women probably chose Iranian princes and merchants to start a family. In line with this link, business networks of merchants between Iran and Africa were also strengthened.

Asian gene

According to this study, the genes of African and Asian people began to combine around 1,000 years AD. Global findings have shown that this composition played a major role in the medieval world civilization. The language of these people was of African origin, their dominant religion was Islam, which came from the Middle East, and their cuisine was also influenced by India and the Middle East. The culture of the people of this region 12th to 15th century AD reached its peak and declined with the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century.

This study has also shown that after years 1500 ADA major part of the Asian genetic contribution has been related to the Arabs.

“The new genetic data provide information that challenges previous assumptions about the colonization of Africa,” Brill concluded. This evidence increases our need to study African history.”

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