The announcement of the final trailer of The Super Mario Bros. Movie with the release of a new poster

Nintendo released a new poster of The Super Mario Bros. Movie announced the release of its latest trailer during the Nintendo Direct event.

Among the latest cinema and television news, we learned that Illumination and Nintendo released a new poster of the comedy fantasy adventure The Super Mario Bros. Movie was shared with the fans and revealed when the final trailer was released. Universal Pictures’ Mario animation will hit the silver screen on April 18, 1402 (April 7, 2023) in the United States and on May 8, 1402 (April 28, 2023) in Japan.

The new poster shows Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad and Cranky Kong racing on the iconic Rainbow Road race track from the Mario Kart games; While the Blue Shell throwable item and the Bob-Omb mechanical bomb are also visible on the way. Nintendo has confirmed that the latest trailer for the Mario animation will be broadcast during the upcoming Nintendo Direct event, which will be held at 1:30 AM on March 19, Iran time.

The Super Mario Bros. animation wide poster.  Movie

Aaron Horvath And Michael Jelnick, the directors of Teen Titans GO! To the Movies (teen titans come to the cinema!) were leaning on the director’s chair of Mario animation and the script Matthew Fogel, author of the animation Minions: The Rise of Gru (Minions: The Rise of Gru). Illumination studio The Super Mario Bros. Movie in collaboration with Nintendo and under full supervision Shigeru Miyamotothe creator of Mario produced.

Chris Pratt (actor of Guardians of the Galaxy movie) the role of Mario, Charlie D (actor of the series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) the role of Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy (Actress of Gambi Wazir series) the role of Princess Peach. Jack Black (actor of the movie School of Rock) the role of Bowser, Keegan-Michael K (Keanu movie actor) the role of Tod, Seth Rogen (voice actor of Sausage Party animation) role of Donkey Kong, KWayne Michael Richardson (Lilo and Stitch’s animation voice actor) comic role, Fred Ermisen (Portlandia series actor) played the role of Cranky Kong in the animated comedy The Super Mario Bros. Movie plays.

Charles Martin, the voice actor of Mario in the games of Nintendo company, also in the voice acting team of The Super Mario Bros. animation. Movie is present. Mario animation was created by Illumination Studio, which is known for producing popular works such as Minions and Despicable Me animation. This animation is the first adaptation of the Super Mario game series after the live-action movie Super Mario Bros, produced in 1993.

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