The beginning of a new season for Winamp; Reviving the old generation music player with a new strategy

After 25 years and numerous changes in the ownership of Winamp software, this classic music player is now coming back to life with a new strategy. The new version of this program has been released in the form of a web-based software, and its new mobile and desktop app with attractive functions will be released later this year.

Today, a new version of Winamp music player was released, which has almost no resemblance to its old version. This software is now in the form of Under the web has been launched and will be a way to access online audio resources and connect with other fans. Llama Group, the current owner of the app, aims to attract a younger audience that may not be familiar with the software.

However, the old version of Winamp will not be lost; Because still around the world 83 million It has a monthly active user. But this new version wants to respond to the needs of today’s users. Winamp web software can also Play songs onlineFrom Radio stations Internet streaming content and listening to Podcasts make it possible for users. In addition, users can communicate with their content creators on this platform; Of course, if content producers come to this platform.

New Winamp mobile and desktop versions are coming

Winamp in the third season of 2023 Android and iOS version It publishes its own platform, which will also be able to play music from the local files of the phone. In the fourth season of this year, desktop versions for Windows and Mac be released.

Llama Group’s long-term goal is to make Winamp the go-to hobby for all kinds of audio content. They are considering that in the fourth quarter of 2023 with Spotify enter into cooperation so that users can stream songs from within this software. This company even pursues audio books to its new platform.

The new version of Winamp is supposed to provide support for content creators by providing features similar to Patreon. This feature called Fanzone will be one of the key features of this platform.

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