The best destinations in Iran for travel in spring

For many tourists, April is the best time to travel. In this month, the nature of most parts of Iran is in its most beautiful state, and sightseeing in the middle of nature is a double pleasure.

Traveling in May can be one of the unique experiences for those who are interested in tourism and travel. Various cities, villages and natural areas in different parts of Iran have the most beautiful nature and the best weather for traveling in spring, especially in May. It is possible to watch some views in different natural attractions of Iran only at this time of the year, and if you travel to these areas in other seasons, you will not have the opportunity to enjoy these beauties.


Traditional rose water in a pot in Kashan

Photographer and photo source: Khadijah Naderi from Tasnim news agency

Kashan and its surrounding cities are one of the most important tourist destinations in April. In this month, many tourists travel to this region to enjoy the pleasant fragrance of the Mohammadi gardens. Gulab giri ceremony in Kashan and its surrounding cities and villages such as Qamsar and Niasar is several hundred years old. In the month of May, Kashan rose fields reach the peak of their beauty and the atmosphere around these fields is filled with the fragrance of these flowers.

For many years, the current method of extracting red flowers has been used in Kashan, and among the locals, the traditional ceremony of holding this ceremony is called “Pear Festival” and the traditional method of extracting is called “Letan”.

A farmer picking dahlias in the fields of Kashan

Photographer and photo source: Khadijah Naderi from Tasnim news agency

Most of the mohammadi fields are located in the cities of Kashan, Niaser, Qamsar, Barzak and Joshghan. If you travel to Kashan in the season of May, you can go up close to the rose fields and rose-making workshops and participate in the rose-making ceremony. The mountainous areas around Kashan are the most suitable places for growing roses.

The ceremony of holding rose water in different cities of Kashan has been registered as a spiritual heritage in the national works of Iran. This event is famous worldwide and has attracted foreign tourists to Iran over the past years. Due to the desert and dry climate of Kashan, the growth of Mohammedan flowers in this area attracts the attention of tourists.


The green nature of the water park under the cloudy sky

Photographer and photo source: Keyvan Firozhai from Tasnim news agency

Different cities and villages of Kurdistan are among the most beautiful travel and tourism destinations in April. The city of Sanandaj has a mild climate in the spring season, and the nature around it is green and colorful and its rivers roar in spring days. Abider mountain, which is considered the most famous mountain of Sanandaj, has the best weather conditions in April. Abider amusement park and park is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in April with the most beautiful natural scenery in spring. On your trip to Kurdistan, you can also visit other prominent historical attractions such as Vakil Abad, Asif and Khosro Abad mansions in Sanandaj.

Marivan city is one of the beautiful attractions of Kurdistan in May, which has unique natural attractions. This city is located in the northwest of Kurdistan and is the location of the beautiful Zarivar Lake. This lake, also known as “Zaribar”, is a pleasant place to spend spring days. Various birds and aquatic animals live around and inside this fresh water lake. Marivan beach park near Zarivar lake is one of the most important tourist attractions in Marivan city.

The plains and villages around Kurdistan reach their peak beauty in May

The villages and plains around Marivan also have a beautiful nature that reaches its peak in May. “Dasht Bilo” is located 15 kilometers away from this city and with dense forests, numerous springs and green plains, it is a suitable place for recreation and relaxation in spring. “Qomchian Recreation Area” is one of the other popular resorts in Kurdistan, which presents the most beautiful views of Kurdistan with high mountains and towering trees.

“Kani Sanan” village with its unique architecture and beautiful natural scenery is also located near Marivan. Marivan is surrounded by many high mountains, and thick forests can be seen in different parts of these mountains. “Chel Cheshme” mountains in the northeast of this city are among the most beautiful mountainous regions of Marivan. The villages of this region are also very scenic and have a pleasant climate. “Malaqubi Resort” near Marivan is also one of the prominent sights of Kurdistan. During your trip to Marivan in May, you can visit the outstanding natural attractions of this city and also visit historical sights such as “Marivan Castle” and “Garan Historical Bridge”.

The terraced village of Oramanat in Kurdistan from the side

Photo source: Irena, unknown photographer

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kurdistan and near Marivan is Oramanat village, which is located among winding valleys and raging rivers. The beautiful nature, the stepped architecture of the houses of this village and the holding of traditional ceremonies and rituals such as Pir Shaliar ceremony throughout the year have made this area one of the most popular areas of Kurdistan among tourists. Selin village is also one of the prominent areas in Oramanate.

Kalkani village in Oramanat Kurdistan on the mountainside

Photographer: Hossein Khosravi

If you have the experience of traveling to Kurdistan in April, you know that the beauty of this province is not included in the count at this time. The Pelangan Stepped Village in Kamiyaran and Karftu Cave in the south of Divandre, which is the largest hand cave in Iran, are also among the best sights in Kurdistan, especially in April.

Desert Turkmen

The velvet plain of the Turkmen Sahara in spring

Photo source: Dana news agency, unknown photographer

The vast Turkmen Sahara plain with its beautiful nature and many attractions is one of the best tourist destinations in northern Iran in April. The plains of the Turkmen Sahara are filled with yellow and red flowers in this month, and the springs and waterfalls are at their most watery. Turkmen Sahara region starts from Bandar Turkmen in Golestan province in the west and continues to Kalaleh city in the east.

Bandar Turkmen is one of the most important cities of Turkmen Sahara, and access to Ashurade Island in the Caspian Sea is possible only from this port. The prohibited hunting area “Sofikem” with beautiful wetlands and geysers is located near the Turkmen port. “Inche Brun” lagoon is one of the most beautiful parts of this protected area. The city of Agh Qola, 40 kilometers east of Turkmen Port, in the middle of the Gorgan River, has unique historical and natural attractions. Aq Qala brick tower, which is the tallest all-brick tower in the world, and the historical wall of Qazal Alan are among the most famous attractions of this city.

The hills of Mahorhai Hazar Dareh in the Turkmen Sahara plain with green cover

Photo source:, photographer unknown

One of the most beautiful sights of Turkmen Sahara is located in an area called “Hazar Dareh”. This area, which was covered with water in the past, now has egg-shaped mounds that turn green with a velvety cover in spring. These hills of Mahors are one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Turkmen Sahara plain, and many tourists travel to Hajar Dareh throughout the year to see the nature of this region.

The stone cemetery of Khaled Nabi in the Turkmen Sahara plain

Photo source:, photographer unknown

The tomb of Khaled Nabi and the stone cemetery near this tomb are also among the historical attractions of this region. This tomb is located on the top of the mountain, and May is the best time to travel and visit the tomb of Khaled Nabi and the nearby stone cemetery. “Cheshma Khizr” is also filled with water 100 meters from this mausoleum in the spring and stands out among the surrounding green plains.

Kabudval waterfall from the bottom view

Photo source:, photographer unknown

Other green and scenic areas in Turkmen Sahara include “Qarghi Kanaar” in Simin Shahr, “Gol Kalaleh Park”, “Stepped Forest”, “Gachi Village”, “Aziz Abad Hunting Prohibited Area” and the lands around “Agh So” springs and “Zav” in Kalaleh, “Bali Qayeh” waterfall and “Aq Imam forest” in Marawa Tepe, “Qaboos dome tower” in Kavos dome, “Shirvan ancient hills” in Bibi Shirvan village, “Kabudwal waterfall” near Aliabad Katul and different parts of Golestan National Park.

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