The best dystopian series that you must watch

Dystopian movies and series are among those genres that have always had many fans, and even though the number of such works has increased in recent years, the audience still welcomes them with open arms. With the end of the first season of The Last of Us series, this excitement is felt even more, and therefore the creators should pay special attention to this style.

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Whatever the story of these works; From a terrible future with aliens and dangerous diseases or the establishment of a tyrannical government like The Handmaid’s Tale series or the collapse of civilization in the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, this genre can answer the different tastes of the audience of this genre.

Fortunately, successful dystopian series have been created in the past few years, which have been able to attract the positive opinion of the audience and become a lasting name in this popular genre. For this purpose, in the upcoming article, we are going to introduce the best dystopian series based on the scores of the IMDb website.

10. Attack on Titan (2013-2023)

IMDb: 9
Dystopian series

This popular anime, which recently released the first part of the third part of the fourth season. The story of the series takes place in an apocalyptic world. People live inside cities surrounded by huge walls that protect people from giant creatures called Titans. When a colossal titan named Colossal Titan passes through the city wall one day, Eren Yeager, who is one of the main characters, vows with his friends to destroy the titans.

If you have watched this serial anime, you will get involved with the characters and their stories from the very first episodes and it is hard to stop watching it. Attack on Titan has portrayed the feeling of panic, worry and fear of losing loved ones and being trapped as beautifully as possible. All the frames are designed to tell a great dystopian story that includes feelings of fear, independence, courage and chaos while allowing the audience to connect with the characters.

9. Black Mirror (2011-2019

IMDb: 8.8
Dystopian series

The famous series Black Mirror follows social issues through the lens of technology. Each episode is different from the next and features characters battling different technologies. Throughout each of the 22 episodes, the audience faces the possible fears that technology may create.

Overall, Black Mirror received very positive reviews from critics and audiences, and was praised for its writing and story design, and won several awards.

8. (1996–1995) Neon Genesis Evangelion

IMDb: 8.5
Dystopian series

Neon Genesis anime is one of the popular works that does not need much introduction. In this series, a teenage character named Shinji Ikari is summoned to the city of Tokyo-3 after a global disaster, and finds out that he has to help his father. This anime follows the story of Shinji and other members of the army to prevent the angels from causing more disasters.

This anime usually gets a high score in the list of dystopian series because of the style and destruction and chaos it shows.

7. (2017) The Handmaid’s Tale

IMDb: 8.4
Dystopian series

The Handmaid’s Tale series is based on the novel of the same name written by Margaret Atwood. The dystopian story of this series takes place in the era after the American Civil War. Where the totalitarian and religious government of Gilead takes power in a coup against the “United States” government, after the Civil War.

These power-hungry leaders lead society towards a new military and hierarchical order that has created new classes in which women are deprived of many of their citizenship positions. According to the Gilead Law, women are denied the right to own property, keep money, study and many other rights. In this situation, many women have been forced to work in menial roles, including some as maids.

Depicting such a story by mixing special dystopian elements and the existence of an authoritarian government has led to the formation of a special and exciting series. In this series, Elizabeth Moss has played the main role of June Osborne, whose name has been changed to “Offred”; She is a maid who has been transferred to the house of Commander Fred Waterford and his wife Serena. The Waterford family is one of the main players in the formation and emergence of Gilead.

6. (2013–2014) Utopia

IMDb: 8.4
Dystopian series

The British series Utopia was created by Dennis Kelly and stars Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Adel Akhtar and Paul Higgins. When a group of people find a manuscript of a graphic novel that is rumored to have predicted the worst catastrophes of the last century, they get caught up in an organization called The Network.

One of the reasons why Utopia shines is that it allows the viewer to feel good about the society that exists today despite its flaws.

5. (2022) Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

IMDb: 8.3
Dystopian series

As the name suggests, this anime is based on CD Projekt’s popular game Cyberpunk 2077. These days the video game adaptation market is very hot and Last of Ace is the latest contender.

The anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which aired on Netflix, is set in Night City and focuses on David Martinez and Lucy, who each seek to achieve their dreams and goals and join a cyberpunk crime group. This anime series is set in a dystopian society plagued by lawlessness, corruption, and cybernetic implants. A teenager named David tries to survive as an “edge runner” by creating his own way in this lawless society.

Another reason for fans’ interest in the dystopian genre is the identification with heroes who are usually bold, brave and talented. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners fulfills these conditions well with its attractive characters. David in particular has unlimited potential and dreams in a world that is constantly seeking to destroy it.

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4. (2019-2021) The Promised Neverland

IMDb: 8.3
Dystopian series

The Promised Neverland tells the story of Emma, ​​Norman and Ray and their plan to escape from their orphanage, Gracefield House. They learn that their orphanage is a place where children are raised to be given to demons to eat.

One of the main dystopian features of The Promised Neverland is the pitting of humans against each other. The anime first tries to satisfy all the children’s wishes and then turns them against each other.

3. (2015-2019) The Man in the High Castle

IMDb: 7.9
Dystopian series

Set in a fictional America conquered by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, The Man in the High Castle stars Alexa Dove Els as Julianna Crane as she discovers a strange film that may hold the key to ending tyrannical governments. .

This series is heartbreaking while being realistic. This shows how easily the world can fall apart and how close the world is to disaster at any moment.

2. (2015–2019) Into the Badlands

IMDb: 7.9
Dystopian series

The story of the series takes place in the next 500 years; Where the United States has become a treacherous feudal land between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. Into the Badlands tells the story of a soldier named Sonny and a boy named Mk who seek enlightenment in the utopia of Azra.

The series uses a familiar setting, as the setting is comparable to our world but known as the post-apocalyptic world. The series also mimics the characteristics of the American Civil War and does not hesitate to take viewers down a darker path.

1. (2019–2023) Carnival Row

IMDb: 7.8
Dystopian series

This dystopian series began airing on Amazon Prime in 2019, and its last season will end on February 17, 2023. Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, who play the roles of detective Faylo and Vynette Stonemass, respectively, have come together in a fantasy world to uncover the mystery of the murders. Set in a city called Borg, it presents everything from elves and humans to love and murder.

While all non-humans are stripped of their individuality, Carnival Row highlights one of the most destructive aspects of a dystopian society – strict social stratification – and what happens when people don’t accept differences.

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