The best Korean series about serial killers

These days, nothing is explored as much as serial killers and true crimes in today’s popular culture, and for this reason, we have ranked the best Korean dramas about serial killers in the rest of this article. Fake serial killers or real documentaries about famous and infamous serial killers always attract the attention of the audience. Just as there are popular crime dramas about serial killers, there are Korean dramas in a similar vein. Fans of this genre may be attracted to Korean crime dramas and cannot stop watching them endlessly.

The best Korean series about serial killers

While most of the best Korean dramas available on Netflix and other streaming services are romantic dramas, Korean thrillers are just as popular among Korean drama fans. A Korean drama with a serial killer creates a high level of excitement and fear, something that Korean dramas are not usually known for, but are nevertheless considered quality series in this respect. Korean dramas are full of twisting narratives, scary cases, and the search to find those responsible for the loss of innocent lives. Don’t expect all Korean dramas about serial killers to be straight and simple as the genre’s audience likes plot twists, breathtaking moments, and maybe a bit of romance and comedy. Thus, in the continuation of this article, we are going to introduce you to the top 10 Korean series about serial killers.

The best Korean series about serial killers

10- Somebody (2022)

As a Korean series with a serial killer, Netflix’s Somebody series portrays a complex and intertwined narrative with a familiar story, which makes this crime series scarier than similar series. Somebody tells the story of an app developer named Kim Som who works on a social communication app of the same name despite his difficulties in social communication. When a gruesome death occurs, it becomes clear that it may be related to this app, and Kim III becomes involved in the investigation of this case.

With the help of his friends Mok-won and detective Ki-yeon, the three investigate the said murder. When Kim Som meets a handsome architectural designer named Sang Yoon Oh, he realizes that nothing is as it seems. The Somebody series is one of those crime series that involves you little by little, and that is why you need to watch it with patience, even though the end of the series is worth your patience.

The best Korean series about serial killers

9- Train (2020)

With the story of a serial killer, the Korean drama series Train has a unique fantasy element that audiences will enjoy combining with the world of crime and murder. Seo Do-won’s life changes completely after the woman he loves becomes the latest victim of a serial killer. Do Won has the ability to travel in parallel worlds. In one world he is a dedicated and determined officer trying to pay for his father’s sins and in another he is a corrupt police officer.

Do Won finds out that although his love has been killed in one world, he is still alive in the other world. He tries to solve this case in one of these two worlds and at the same time in the other world he tries his best to protect this woman. The Train series is undoubtedly different from the typical crime series based on real stories and is fantasy, but its uniqueness will undoubtedly attract the audience. During the 12 episodes, we see ups and downs in the quality of the story, which falls a little in the middle of the season, but in the future, we will see an increase in the quality and appeal of the story.

The best Korean series about serial killers

8- Memorist (2020)

The Memorist series quickly became one of the best Korean series of 2020, a series that was one of the most talked about crime thriller series of the year, and of course one of the best South Korean submissions in this genre. Like many other Korean dramas, this series is based on an internet cartoon created by Jae Ho. The main character of this Korean series is Don Baek, who has a very interesting story to tell. He has the ability to read people’s minds by touching them and thus becomes a committed detective.

As a child, Don Beck has lost all of his memories, except for his mother’s murder. In the present day, a series of gruesome murders make him work with a serial crime investigator, but when they find the killer, their hidden pasts are revealed. The Memorist series was able to have many viewers during its release in 2020, which was possible thanks to the supernatural narrative and narratives full of tension and excitement throughout the story.

The best Korean series about serial killers

7- Tunnel (2017)

Tunnel has elements of crime, complexity, mystery and excitement and is a Korean drama with time travel element. This Korean drama about serial killers was so popular that it was remade in other countries and languages, but no American adaptation has yet been made. Park Gwang-ho is an expert and hard-working detective in 1986, when he and his precinct become involved in a series of terrifying serial murders. One day, Gwang Ho gets a clue and finds the killer. He follows this person through a tunnel, but when he comes out the other side of the tunnel, he finds himself three decades in the future.

Unable to return to his past and home, Gwang Ho pretends to be the same detective from the same police station from 1986, looking to find a serial killer. He assumes that by solving this case he can return home and moderate the consequences of past behavior in the future. The number of viewers of this series also increased constantly as the story progressed and ended with an average number of 4.6 million viewers. The time travel aspect of the story helped to enhance the narrative, rather than derailing the story, resulting in a creative series that will entertain international and non-Korean speaking audiences as well.

The best Korean series about serial killers

6- Voice (2021-2017)

The Voice is a Korean drama series about a serial killer, which became so popular that it quickly got a second season, making it one of the few Korean drama series with more than one season. Mo Jin Hyuk and Kwon Joo’s lives collide when their lovers are killed in one night by the same person. In the present day, a hard-working and intelligent detective named Jin Hyuk becomes withdrawn and isolated after his wife’s murder. With his special psychological skills, Kwon Jo leads a special forces team known as the Golden Time Team.

Jin Hyuk is also assigned to help him and the special team starts to solve the cases. When a serial killer is on the loose, these two realize that this killer may be the one who destroyed their lives. The four seasons of the Voice series showed that this series is different from other Korean drama series and points to its popularity and high quality. In 2017, John Hyuk, who played Moo Jin Hyuk in the series, won the Drama Star Award for Best Actor in a Drama in South Korea.

The best Korean series about serial killers

5- Mouse (2021)

When you are looking for one of the best Korean drama thrillers, a series that is full of murder, complexity and tension, and of course many plot twists, the Mouse series with a story of a serial killer is your best and most perfect option. This drama, which was made in 2021, is different from other serial killer stories. The story of the series is about the research of a scientist who can identify psychopathic genes in the mother’s womb. Thus, the audience is constantly left guessing as to who the real psychopath is. Jung Ba Rom is a diligent officer in a small town who encounters a serial killer.

He teams up with a detective and one of the surviving victims of one of South Korea’s most notorious serial killers to hunt down the serial killer. As the three continue to investigate the gruesome murders, Rom discovers that everything they think they know isn’t the truth. “Mouse” broke the record for the highest number of views among Korean drama series. The series was nominated for the Baeksang Arts Award and won the 2021 Asia Artists Awards Grand Prize for Lee Seung Gi as Jung Ba Rom.

The best Korean series about serial killers

4- Suspicious Partner (2017)

As a Korean drama series about serial killers, Suspicious Partner is mostly remembered for its crime narrative and is one of the best Korean legal drama series. For those who are not into the horrors of dark crime stories, Suspicious Partner has moments of comedy and love between the main characters. Ji-wook’s grandson is an inspector who works with an assistant named Yoon Bong-hee and is now investigating the case of a psychopathic murderer.

As the two begin their investigation, Bong-hee becomes a suspect herself as she and Ji-hook come to believe that the real serial killer is suffering from amnesia. Ji Wook’s past trauma and Bong Hee’s past are more connected than they think. The series Suspicious Partner received a lot of attention thanks to its suspenseful and engaging narrative and story, and this series was nominated for awards in 6 categories at the 25th SBS Drama Awards. In addition, Nam Ji Hyun received the Excellence Award for his role as Yoon Bong Hee.

The best Korean series about serial killers

3- Less Than Evil (2018)

The narrative of the Korean series Less Than Evil is very similar to the British series Luther. This Korean series made in 2018 is based on this British crime series and is one of the best Korean series remakes in recent years. Woo Tae-seok is a hard-working and dedicated detective, but one with monsters inside him and a deep anger that is constantly shifting between good and evil. When he encounters a real violent psychopath, there’s a problem: he can’t find enough evidence to convict the killer.

Instead of being brought to justice, this psychopath joins Tae Seok to solve criminal cases. It’s rare for a series based on another series to be as successful as Less Than Evil, but this Korean drama has met with unprecedented success. Like the original British series, the psychological aspect of Less Than Evil is very good and engaging, earning it numerous awards and nominations at the South Korean Television Awards.

The best Korean series about serial killers

2- Beyond Evil (2021)

In the Beyond Evil series, a once very successful and famous detective lives an isolated life in a small, quiet town. Beyond Evil is a Korean drama series about a serial killer that tells the story of Lee Dong-sik, who teams up with a young detective named Han Joo-won, but there are conflicts between the two, and one plays the role of the other’s boss. because he has more experience and background. The small and quiet town where these two are active is involved in a scary serial killer that has many similarities with the one from 20 years ago, the same serial killer that changed Dong-sik’s life.

Dong-sik and Joo-won work on the case, while Joo-won has his own hidden secret. It’s no secret among fans of Korean dramas that Beyond Evil is a complex, confusing, yet highly enjoyable viewing experience, a series that was included in NME’s list of the best Korean dramas of 2021. The series won Best Drama 2021 at the Baeksang Arts Awards and Best Screenplay and Best Actor for Shin Ha Kyun.

The best Korean series about serial killers

1- Flower Of Evil (2020)

Flower of Evil is the best Korean series about serial killers that sees dreams turn into real nightmares when an ideal family is torn apart one by one. In this series, a detective named Cha Ji-won has a seemingly perfect family without problems, including her loving and devoted husband, Baek Hye-seung, and their adorable six-year-old daughter. But a series of horrible murders have involved him. As Ji-won and her team begin to work on these cases, it becomes clear that her husband is hiding something big from her, something that could tear their lives apart.

Watching Ji-won discover that her life is built on a lie is both fascinating and devastating, with each new episode portraying her husband in a completely different situation than he appears to be. Lee Joon Gi’s performance is so impressive and believable that he won the award for the best celebrity in Asia and the best artist in 2020 at the Asia Artist Awards. In addition, the series’ director, Kim Cheol-kyu, also won the Best Director Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. So if you are looking for the best Korean series about serial killers, Flower of Evil series is your best choice.

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