The best mobile travel games for the 1402 holiday

The New Year and Nowruz holiday 1402 are near, that’s why in this video and article we have suggested games for you to experience during your trip.

What are the best travel games for Android? In this article, we have introduced games like Ultimate Sackboy, 2Cars or games like Lumosity to strengthen the mind and Threes to play with numbers in different styles. List games are mostly offline so you can experience them without the need of internet. However, you can still find and download online games in our list.

The list below is supposed to include different games for different tastes, so be sure to take a look at it.

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Suitable travel games for Android and iOS

Stages of Ultimate Sekboy game

1- Ultimate Sackboy game

Sony finally allowed the Sekboy character to enter mobile phones, in the game Ultimate Sekboy you have to control this lovable character while running to finish the stage without hitting any obstacles. The game has various stages and along with running you can collect the items that are scattered in the environment. Ultimate Sackboy also includes a leaderboard.

Download Ultimate Sackboy game

Lumosity Android game

2- Lumosity game

Ready to challenge your mind? Lumosity game is a mind enhancement program with mini games that has about 100 games. There are several benefits of playing LomaCity, one is that it helps to improve your English, two is a whole lot of cute little games, and three, the games are produced with scientific research. During the game, you have to try to be in the right place in various mini-games such as closing the suitcase, arranging cards or moving objects.

Download Lumosity game

Hill Climb Racing 2 android game

3- Game Hill Climb Racing 1 & 2

If you are familiar with addictive games, you must have heard the name of Hill Climb Racing. In short, this is a hill driving game. During the game, you have to try to balance the movement of the car to prevent the car from overturning. In addition, you can also change the appearance of your car by collecting coins. The game will become more difficult and it will be very difficult to balance the car forward or backward.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 game


4- Threes game

The game of Threes is another representation of presence. This game is considered to be one of the oldest number matching puzzle games, and now you can experience it on the web in addition to the Android and PC versions. During the game, you have to combine the numbers as long as the numbers are multiples of each other. Suppose by adding one and two, the number three is obtained. Now you can combine three with three to get 6. This process continues exponentially with increasing numbers.

If you want a similar Iranian game, I recommend you Garrison game. In this game, you have to merge similar soldiers to get a rank upgrade.

Download the game Threes

Mobile game reigns her majesty

5- Reigns Her Majesty game

How capable are you in governance so that you are aware of the four factors, economy, army, religion and people, and establish a balance between these. Reigns Her Majesty’s Valley, which is the sequel to Reigns, you have to manage a government and if you want to have a long reign, you have to balance these four factors that I mentioned above. For example, in the game, a very strong army will empty your feet or people’s empty pockets will cause them to riot. If you know how to rule, download Reigns Her Majesty.

Download the game Reigns Her Majesty

From right to left, clematik, Amirza and Fenudh  Guess the word

6- The game of Clematik, Amirza and Fandagh

Three famous Iranian word games, each of which has a different design and atmosphere. Therefore, you should choose one according to your mood. Supposedly, Klematic narrates a fantasy world and a beautiful story, Amirza has an Iranian and traditional feel and is very well known among Iranians, and finally the game of Fandakh, which has a classic mode and engages you with 900 arithmetic steps. All three games are good at challenging your mind to guess the word, choosing between them is a matter of taste.

Download the game Clematik, Amirza and Fandakh

Guide to the game Cars 2

7- 2Cars game

If you want to go crazy, 2Cars is the best game. It’s been a few years since Ketchup released another style game, and it’s still challenging and beautiful after all these years. A blue car and a red car start moving together, now with each car you have to catch the circle of the same color and try not to hit the square of the same color. It is very challenging to control two cars at the same time.

Download the game 2 Cars


8- Chess game – Play and Learn

The experience of playing chess requires a calm mind, and holidays are the best time to play chess. Chess game has both an educational dimension and allows you to compete offline and online. In addition, in Chess – Play & Learn, you can solve various puzzles based on chess. In total, the game has fifty thousand different methods for training. If you take the time, you will become a chess master.

Download the game Chess – Play and Learn

Dual mobile game

9- Dual game

Dual offline game allows you to compete with your friends, this time each on your mobile phone. After connecting the phones together, each player must shoot at the other player in order to win by targeting the opponent. The game has different modes and it is a lot of fun to experience it with friends.

But other than these 9 items that I introduced. You will be introduced to a few games in each genre in the form of headlines. You can watch trailers for each game in the Zoomji video at the beginning of this article.

Download Dual game

If you want a match game for travel:

  • Candy Crash saga
  • Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells
  • Angry Birds Match 3

If you want a puzzle game for travel:

  • Monument Valley 1 and 2
  • The Room Series
  • Baba Is You
  • Bridge Constructor Portal
  • Machinika Museum

If you want a side scrolling game for travel:

  • Streets of Rage 4
  • DeadCells
  • Oddmar
  • Jetpack Joyride

If you want a rhythmic game for travel:

  • Thumper
  • Geometry Dash World
  • Cytus 1 and 2
  • Lanota

If you want a racing game:

  • Trials Frontier
  • Mario Kart Tour
  • Grid AutoSport
  • Asphalt 9

Console ported game for travel if you want:

  • Bully: Anniversary Edition
  • Max Payne Mobile
  • Machinarium

Finally, if you just want a new game:

  • Street Fighter Duel
  • Mighty Doom
  • Rent Please Landlord Sim

These were the recommended travel games for you to experience on your mobile. Write your suggested games in the comment section so that others can download them.

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