The Bill Gates-backed company is revolutionizing the future of solar panels

A company called CubicPV in America, which Bill Gates has invested in, wants to revolutionize this market with new solar panels that are produced from a combination of silicon and perovskite. The company will use artificial intelligence in the production of its new panels to lower costs and increase product productivity.

According to CNBC, CubicPV is making new solar panels that have a lower layer Silicon and a top layer perovskite have. This combination brings the efficiency of these panels to 30%. “Frank van Mirlo”, the CEO of this company, believes that their perovskite formula, along with low-cost production methods for the silicon layer, can produce this product. Economically cost-effective slow

The US Department of Energy recently announced that CubicPV will be their lead partner in a new research center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that will drive the industry forward. This cooperation will help them to methods automation and technologies Artificial intelligence and improve the production and development process of composite panels in a significant way.

In the 2030s, all solar panels will be hybrid

Hybrid panels capture more energy from the sun and help the world deal with climate change more quickly, Van Meerlo says. He expects the entire solar panel industry In the next decade Turn to using combined panels.

CubicPV is now looking for a site to build its 10 GW silicon wafer factory in the United States.

However, there are also obstacles in front of this company. For example, perovskite must prove itself in terms of cost, durability and environmental impact to enter the market. Lead-halide perovskites Currently, they have shown good performance, but researchers are trying to achieve compounds that do not have the risk of lead.

On the other hand, these panels have not yet proven themselves outside of the lab, and it remains to be seen whether this technology will be sustainable enough to be used in the consumer market.

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