The cancellation of several Lego games, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney

New reports are announcing the cancellation of several new games from the Lego series at TT Games studio.

Nearly a year after the global release of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by Stevie Traveller’s Tale, reports from the gaming company are now announcing the cancellation of several games in development for the popular Lego adaptations. The report, which was first published by the website Nintendo Life and has since been confirmed by a number of other sources, says that a large, AAA Lego series game similar to the Star Wars Lego game that was supposed to focus on popular characters from the Disney universe, one It is considered from these canceled projects.

The Lego game of the Guardians of the Galaxy collection from Marvel comics and a non-Lego game in the shooter style with the presence of well-known Warner Bros. characters such as Rick and Morty and DC comics characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are two other projects that, according to Nintendo Life sources, have recently Their development has stopped.

The project of Disney characters, apparently called Project Marley, is supposed to provide young and old gamers with the experience of playing and traveling to the world of characters from the popular animations Frozen, Toy Story, Muppets, Winnie the Pooh and Nightmare Before Christmas. Dungeons similar to Diablo’s strategic action series, but in the worlds of Disney series, is another feature of this canceled game.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game by TT Games studio, Warner Bros. (Lego Star Wars/Star Wars)

This report says that after the relative success of Gameloft’s Disney Dreamlight Valley game last year, Disney did not have much desire to continue funding TT Games’ new game, and the creators of this project finally decided to cancel it after four years of development. have taken it

The game centered on Guardians of the Galaxy is also supposed to introduce the famous characters of this series, such as Nova and Adam Warlock, who have not had the opportunity to introduce them in the popular films of this series, to the players and fans of this series. Apparently, the simultaneous release with the third part of the Guardians of Kekhsham movie, which is the first appearance of Adam Warlock in the cinema, was another of Disney’s previous plans for this game. Although 18 months have passed since the beginning of this project, apparently the work on this game has been stopped since last month.

More than anything else, the troubled relationship between Warner Bros. and LEGO Holdings Group which owns the license to use this collection, has caused the cancellation of many projects such as new games from TT Games studio and even Lego movies in recent years. Previous reports also point to the Lego brand’s partnership with 2K Games to make Lego sports and racing video games since last year, a decision that marks the first time in a long time that a new high-budget Lego game could be made by a studio other than TT Games. Although more information about these projects is not available at the moment, we can expect an official announcement of at least one of them in the coming months or during the E3 2023 event.

Lego Harry Potter game characters

Sources close to the TT Games studio have also announced that the development status of the big and expected Mandalorian expansion pack for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is worrying and difficult. Apparently, the process of making this DLC and another Lego game centered on the character of Batman and the world of Gotham is in a critical state to fully focus the developers of this studio to make another Lego game centered on the wizarding world and the characters of the Harry Potter series.

The Mandelorian expansion pack and the long-in-the-making new LEGO Harry Potter game are the only games still in development with the former NTT graphics engine; While all the other projects mentioned in this report are planned for development with Unreal Engine 5. A decision that, along with other mismanagements of the managers of this series and Warner Brothers, such as work crises and continuous crunch of employees in this studio, has made predicting the future of this studio and the popular and best-selling video games of the Lego series seem more difficult and uncertain than ever.

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