The car market finally declined

Activists of the car market believe that the increase in demand and of course the increase in car prices is the tradition of this market every year, but this year we are witnessing a breaking of tradition in this market. The implementation of the integrated car supply plan in the market on the one hand and the arrival of imported cars to the lottery stage on the other hand are among the reasons that car market activists attribute to this breaking of tradition in the market. Referring to the decrease in car prices in recent days, the head of the car dealers’ union said: “The prices of all cars have decreased between 10 and 15 percent.”

Regarding the latest car price situation in the market, Saeed Motmani said: “Due to the drop in the currency, the car price in the market is decreasing. “In the past few days, the prices of all types of domestic, imported and assembled cars have decreased between 10 and 15 percent, but transactions are at zero and the car market is in recession.”

The head of the Association of Automobile Dealers and Dealers stated: “Although there are many customers to buy cars at the factory price, there is almost no buying and selling in the open market for the past few days and the applicants are waiting for price stability. Whether when the price of the car was increasing or now when the prices are decreasing, buying and selling does not take place in the market and until the market calms down, the car market will not come out of recession.

Based on price monitoring in the market, the price of 206 type 2 last week was 550 million tomans, which has been traded for around 470 million tomans with today’s price reduction in the market. Also, the price of Peugeot Pars in the market last week was about 550 million tomans, and today the price of this car has reached 475 million tomans.

The price of Rana has also decreased from 520 million tomans to 470 million tomans and the price of tara rib has decreased from 750 million tomans to 665 million tomans.

Motmani said: “Hyma S7 Plus, which until last week was priced at 1 billion 730 million tomans, now its price has reached 1 billion 500 million tomans. KhThe price of Tiba hatchback and box trucks has also decreased by about 50 million tomans this week, and the price of Quick R and Quick gear has also decreased by about 60 million tomans.

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