The cast of Guy Ritchie and Netflix’s The Gentlemen has been announced

Netflix, which has acquired the rights to the series The Gentlemen directed by Guy Ritchie, has hired the actors of this action comedy series.

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It was Mehr 99 that was determined Guy Ritchie, in collaboration with Miramax again, is making a series based on the movie The Gentlemen, and later Netflix bought the rights to broadcast this series. Now in the latest Cinema and TV news, the main actors of Mr. series have been determined. First, Divergent actor Theo James has joined The Gentlemen to play Eddie Halstead, the main character in the series.

Theo James and Rose Leslie in The Time Traveler's Wife

In addition to James, Vinnie Jones with a history of acting and working with Guy Ritchie in the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Kaya Scodelario with a history of acting in the movie Crawl, Giancarlo Esposito with a history of acting in the series Better Call Saul, Daniel Ings with a history of acting In the series I Hate Suzie, Julie Richardson, who has played in The Sandman series, and Peter Serafinavic, who has played in The Tick series, are other actors who are going to play roles in The Gentlemen series.

Actors of The Gentlemen series

Jones as Jeff Sichem, who is the custodian of the estate, Scodelario as Susie Glass, who oversees Mickey Pearson’s drug business, Ings as Freddy Halstead, Eddie’s older brother who has to pay his respects to dangerous people, and Richardson as Lady Sabrina, Eddie and Freddie’s mother. will play in the series The Gentlemen. The series will be produced in 8 episodes, focusing on Eddie Halstead.

He inherits his father’s large estate and discovers that it contains a large hay farm and the legendary Mickey Pearson empire. Is he the soldier to take over the British underworld and take control of the entire operation? Guy Ritchie, director of The Gentlemen, returns as showrunner, producer, writer and director of the first two episodes of The Gentlemen. Filming and production of The Gentlemen series is scheduled to begin on Monday this week in London.

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