The CEO of Google became one of the highest paid managers in the world in 2022 with an income of 226 million dollars.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and Google, earned a combined $226 million last year to become one of America’s highest-paid CEOs.

According to a report published by Insider, in 2022, the CEO of the owner of Google will be paid more than $218 million in stock bonuses. Pichai will also receive a base salary of $2 million per year, unchanged from 2020. The leaked documents also indicate that Alphabet spent almost $6 million on the CEO’s personal security.

Still, Pichai was one of the highest-paid tech CEOs last year.

Income of other Google managers

By comparison, other Alphabet executives, including Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s senior vice president of knowledge and information, and Philip Schindler, its chief commercial officer, earned about $37 million, according to the filing. It should also be mentioned that this news has been published while the technology industry and big companies such as Alphabet, Meta and Microsoft have faced many problems.

Google’s parent company Alphabet announced in December last year that it would cut 12,000 jobs, and Pichai said in a memo that he takes full responsibility for the circumstances that led to the decision.

Pichai, who has been Google’s CEO since 2015, recently responded to the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology in a televised interview, saying that society is not yet ready for it. He also mentioned that artificial intelligence will affect all products of all companies. However, his comments come as Google recently equipped its Bard AI with coding capabilities and announced the merger of the Brain team with DeepMind, signaling its decision to make a stronger presence in AI.

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