The Chinese Powerstar CPU is actually a rebranded Intel processor

Geekbench benchmark data shows that the new Chinese PowerStar P3-01105 processors actually use the same 10th generation Intel Core i5 chip with a different brand.

According to the latest data obtained from the Geekbench benchmark database, the newly introduced PowerLeader PowerStar P3-01105 processor is actually based on Intel silicon. In fact, this CPU has a different name, but under this renamed heatsink, the same 10th generation Intel Comet Lake processor is located.

Of course, according to the specifications and the similarity of the names of these two CPUs, before proving this, it was also assumed that the PowerStar P3-01105 is probably the same as the Core i5-10105 processor; But now, based on Geekbench data, the Comet Lake processor family ID in this CPU has been diagnosed.

Core i5-10105 specs in PowerStar P3-01105 benchmark results

The PSTAR P3-01105 processor consists of four cores with a frequency of 3.7 GHz, which reaches 4.4 GHz in boost mode. This CPU has 6MB of L3 cache and 65W TDP. Its specifications and performance are also equal to Intel’s 10th generation Core i3 processor.

Powerstar Inc It plans to sell 1.5 million of these chips, but it is not known whether the sale of Intel processors is included in this figure or not. If so, it can be assumed that targeting PowerStar to come to fruition. The company’s sales plan is to sell these chips only through complete systems. So there are no plans to sell PowerStar chips independently.

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