The choice of the director of the Game of Thrones to make the first part of the Blade Runner series

Recently, Amazon has chosen and hired the director of the first part of the Blade Runner 2099 series produced by Ridley Scott.

It was September of this year that Amazon officially gave the green light to the production of the Blade Runner 2099 series. The events of the series Blade Runner 2099 are supposed to take place 50 years after the events of the movie Blade Runner 2049 and in 2099. Now in the latest Cinema and TV newsThe director of the first episode of the Blade Runner series has been determined. Jeremy Podsova is set to direct the pilot episode of Blade Runner 2099 and will serve as an executive producer, Variety reported.

Jeremy Podseva is best known for directing 6 episodes of the Game of Thrones series and has directed other series such as True Detective series, Boardwalk Empire series, He has also directed The Tudors, Dexter, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Homeland, The Handmaid’s Tale and numerous episodes of American Horror Story. Also, a rumor has been published recently that Jodie Comer is in talks to appear in the Blade Runner 2099 series.

Rick Deckard's character shooting a gun played by Harrison Ford in the movie Blade Runner

Ridley Scott, the director of 1982’s Blade Runner is back as an executive producer on the 2099 Blade Runner series. Although information about the plot and events of the Blade Runner 2099 series is not available, according to Amazon, the series is going to retain the spirit, themes and things that made them famous. Scott is set to direct several episodes of the series, and Shining Girls creator Silka Luisa is writing the scripts for Blade Runner 2099, who will also serve as showrunner.

Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott in 1982, is set in the future of Los Angeles, the first episode focused on Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, who is tasked with capturing rogue replicants who are difficult to distinguish from humans. Is. Next, the movie Blade Runner 2049 directed by Danny Villeneuve was released in 2017. Also, the anime Blade Runner: Black Lotus was produced and aired for Adalat Swayam.

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