The copy of Toyota Land Cruiser was unveiled in China; Strange, ugly and mocking

Chinese companies are very interested in copying successful products. Although the severity of this issue has decreased in recent years, from time to time the Chinese remember the past and make a new copy! The latest such case to Weird and mocking copy of Toyota Land Cruiser related to!

The first images of the copy of the new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser were published on the Weibo social network. This project has very small dimensions and can be described as a baby Land Cruiser! At the first look at the images of this car, Lack of fit Different parts and comparing it with Land Cruiser causes eye irritation and a kind of mental nausea!

Copy of Toyota Land Cruiser

Not much information is available regarding the details of the Toyota Land Cruiser copy. But carefully in the pictures, the name Kuluze can be seen on the back of the car. A search on Google shows that this brand is either not famous or the related word has nothing to do with the manufacturing company. Our guess is that the Chinese Land Cruiser baby is one of the popular Chinese models under the skin, and a Third company or local workshop He made it this way.

Toyota Land Cruiser replica and high attention to detail

From the front, everything is reminiscent of the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300; with the difference that elements such as lights and grille Miniature have became! The attention of the Chinese to the level of detail is admirable, because the shape of the lights, the shape of the front grille and the bumper are very similar to the popular Japanese SUV.

Copy of Toyota Land Cruiser

By looking at the side view pictures, you will probably be annoyed, especially if you are a fan of Toyota and the popular Land Cruiser model! In this section, despite the commendable efforts in simulation, Dimensions of rims and tires They have no proportion with the body. In the rear view, the resemblance of this car to the LC300 Land Cruiser is undeniable, and again, the talent of the Chinese must be admired!

Copy of Toyota Land Cruiser

Despite the close resemblance and high detail, you have to admit that the Toyota Land Cruiser’s design style and body proportions are more suited to a full-size hatchback than a compact car like this. It should also be acknowledged that blind copy Products that took hours, days and weeks to design do not guarantee success. Perhaps such work may cause ridicule and create a subject for social network users!

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