The creative director of Mass Effect: Andromeda still dreams of making a sequel

The creative director of Mass Effect: Andromeda still wishes there was a sequel.

Recently Eurogamer media with Mc Waltersco-writer of the Mass Effect trilogy, creative director of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and project manager Mass Effect Legendary Edition had an interview that is worth reading. He talked about the core of the series and Jack Bauer, and also shared a lot of information about Bioware’s work on Copper Effect.

One of the most interesting parts of this interview is about the version of Andromeda, which Walters joined the development team late in the project. He worked on Anthem with most of the Bioware Edmonton team, and Andromeda’s Copper Effect was being developed by Bioware Montreal. Biowar’s Montreal branch was previously a support studio that developed most of the N7 stages of Copper Effect 2, the multiplayer section of Copper Effect 3, and the Omega expansion pack.

After separation Casey HudsonIn 2014, the director of Copper Effect, Walters was transferred from Bioware to work on the Andromeda project, and his talks focus more on the final stages of the game’s development. Of course, he confirmed this claim from the game’s painstaking development report, which said that the game’s galaxy was originally supposed to be randomly generated and was inspired by No Man’s Sky.

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“Ultimately, it was very different from the way we were telling our story, and the way we were creating our content, which was very special and had big collections and stuff like that, was hard to implement in a procedural world,” Walters said.

When Walters came on board, Andromeda was at a pivotal point where it was like, “Okay, we can’t do the procedural work and all of that on top of the wishes and hopes of our fans who wanted custom storytelling in a certain way.” Another challenge was that “we had to relearn and figure out a lot of stuff,” which was probably due to the switch from Unreal Engine to Frostbite.

He continued to avoid some problems of Andromeda, “probably we should have reduced the scope of the game and put our efforts on it [تضمین] We used quality. But also we are in a strange period in the industry [ویدئوگیم] Many people used to say that quantity is the same as quality. So, we deceived ourselves a little, that maybe if it was enough [مس افکت ۳] It is not a problem if it is not optimal. Because it’s bigger and there’s more to do.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda

This case happened at a time when Munvir Air, one of the former developers of BioWare, Electronic Arts wanted more open world games. Because these works were more profitable. Other publishers had the same thinking and as a result, we saw an era when massive games with a map with high repetitions were published. Many players of the Copper Effect series went from a trilogy that became more responsive and personal with each version to disappointing works, which included Andromeda.

Walters says he learned from it and believes it’s a shame the studio couldn’t apply the lessons learned in a sequel: “I just wish we could have made a sequel; Because what you could see was like a recovery from [مس افکت] To [مس افکت ۲] It happened”.

Instead, after the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare Montreal again took on a supporting role and then merged with EA Motive. Therefore, the next Copper Effect will be made by Bioware Edmonton and apparently it will use the Unrail engine. It seems that the game is still in the pre-development stage. Because the studio’s focus is on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

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