The creator of Final Fantasy 16 refers to the influence of the power of PlayStation 5 in the development of the game

According to the developer of Final Fantasy 16, only the PlayStation 5 console has the power to process the battles of this game.

Square Enix is ​​developing the action and role-playing game Final Fantasy 16 for release on July 1, 1402 (June 22, 2023). This highly anticipated game is going to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console and will remain exclusive for at least 6 months. Now Square Enix has said that the power of PlayStation 5 plays an important role in making Final Fantasy 16. Because the creators have been able to use it to put new generation battles in the Final Fantasy 16 game.

Recently, the IGN website went through a special part of Final Fantasy 16 and then interviewed Square Enix about their feedback and questions. In battles between players and bosses, the game’s gameplay seamlessly transitions between player-controlled combat and cinematic cutscenes, the outlet explained. In the following Naoki YoshidaIn response to this feedback, the producer of the game said that the Final Fantasy 16 team was able to use the power of PlayStation 5 hardware to provide this perfect continuity of fights and cinematic scenes without interruption.

“While you’re fighting Ifrit and Garuda bosses and doing that big battle in the demo, the PlayStation 5 hardware is loading the next scene in the background,” Yoshida told IGN. [به همین خاطر] After it is ready, you can seamlessly enter the next scene.”

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay

By “big fight” Yoshida means the boss fight. These wars are usually followed on a large and huge scale, and players controlling the protagonist, who is named Clive Rosfield, can summon spirits to participate in this war. At the same time, we can see other monsters being summoned by the bosses, and finally action and breath-taking battle scenes will occur. Now it seems that these Eikon battles are another reason why Final Fantasy 16 is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console. In the same direction Ryuto SuzukiThe director of the game’s combat department explained that without the powerful hardware of Sony’s 9th generation console, the development process of Final Fantasy 16 would have been much longer.

Suzuki said about this: “You will graphically see Eikon’s punches, claws and wings and other details of these battles in real time and with eye-catching visual quality. However, it is due to the power of PlayStation 5 that all these events can be viewed seamlessly without any loading. “If we didn’t have the memory of this console and the speed of data transfer through SSD, we would have been developing the game for a long time.”

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