The design of the iPhone 15 informs about the USB-C port, more curvature and narrower edges

Apple will introduce a new series of iPhones later this year, and many unofficial designs have been published in recent weeks. In the latest rendering of iPhone 15 design Based on a CAD model provided by a reputable manufacturer of iPhone cases and the efforts of a 3D artist, you can see the possible image of this product.

iPhone 15 design Indicator The shooting system is improved

The CAD files used to design these renderings are usually provided by Apple to factories in Asia so that they can prepare peripheral products, including cases, for the new iPhones. This issue makes the supply of accessories happen at the same time as the device enters the market and there is no delay in the said process. In most cases, such files are highly accurate in terms of design and measurement and can evoke the general idea of ​​the device’s image.

iPhone 15 design

The most noticeable point in the new renderings, Remove the Lightning port And replacing it with a USB-C port shows a change in Apple’s approach after about 10 years. It seems that such a decision was made due to the pressures from the European Union legislative bodies to integrate the charger standard in mobile phones and smart devices. Also, the increase in the curvature of the edges of the device in the glass part and the metal frame is quite evident, which can give it a more unified appearance.

iPhone 15 design

The said changes are in line with the design of recent Apple products such as the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros alongside the MacBook Air M2, and the increase in curvature will probably include the entire frame of the device. The new design of the iPhone 15 can help to place it more comfortably in the hand and reduce the possibility of accidentally touching the screen. The protrusion of the camera is also a little more than before, which may indicate the use of new sensors and lenses. Of course, the overall arrangement of the lenses and the LiDAR sensor remains the same as the iPhone 14 Pro; But the increase in the thickness of the lenses can be due to the use of a larger image sensor.

iPhone 15 design

On the side edge of the device, changes have been made to the volume keys and the mute switch, and it seems that the physical keys have been replaced by capacitive buttons. However, the current renderings cannot confirm this with certainty. The mute button of the device has also been redesigned and is now smaller and rounder than before. The body of the device is a few millimeters thinner than before and its borders have also been reduced; As a result, we will probably see the same 6.1-inch display in a smaller body.

iPhone 15 design

The dynamic island is one of the things that remain unchanged and its location and size are the same as the previous generation. The said renders did not provide details about the screen resolution; But it is unlikely that Apple will make a change in this part. Finally, it should be noted that CAD files cannot represent the final design of the iPhone 15; But changing the charging port, improving the camera and a more ergonomic body are among the possible changes.

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