The details of the daily gasoline ceiling limit were announced; 20% increase in fueling time

According to the news that was published a few hours ago, the managers related to the Ministry of Petroleum and the Oil Products Distribution Company have decided to apply a new measure of 30-40 liters per visit to the gas station and receive fuel with a personal fuel card. Preliminary investigation, according to Reza Nawaz, the spokesperson of the Fuel Stationers Guild, such a change will lead to an increase of about 20% in the time of standing in line at gas stations in big cities. It should be noted that the quota considered for the free fuel card (station holders card) will be only 30 liters, but in one visit to the gas station, it is possible to refuel twice in a row using the free fuel card (station holders card).

Apparently, the limit of the daily gasoline ceiling is a new approach to better manage fuel consumption, which is currently also in All provinces except Tehran Runs. According to the new procedure, each car Maximum 40 liters of refueling allowed in three times every four hours Is. Also, according to the spokesperson of the drivers’ union, the number of refueling times for public vehicles (taxi) has been limited to two times during the day.

As it can be seen from the statistics, the fuel consumption in the country is out of the average and therefore, new decisions regarding Optimal management and monitoring of gasoline consumption Has been adopted. The gasoline rationing method has been changed, the use of a personal fuel card has been made mandatory, and now the amount of refueling is limited.

According to the new approach, Each car can use 120 liters of gasoline during the day consume Of course This 120 liters can be collected in three shifts and the time interval between each shift is at least 4 hours Is considered. Based on the prediction of the designers of this idea, this method will effectively affect fuel consumption and its management and encourage people to save.

Daily gasoline ceiling limit

According to the obtained statistics, the refueling limit of each car in the country is on average 30-40 liters per turn, although this figure increases for big cities and busy roads. For this reason, the limit of the daily gasoline limit is currently not implemented only for the city of Tehran. Based on the feedback and results, there is a possibility of removing the refueling limit for other cities as well.

It’s good to know that from next year, Each vehicle is allowed to use a personal fuel card for refueling Is. This solution has been proposed to fight against smuggling and abuse of gasoline, which according to numerous promises from the Ministry of Oil and other related authorities, the price of it is not going to increase next year!

Also, in this regard, the phone numbers 09627 and 02177522678 have been announced by the Fuel Stationers Association to deal with problems, criticisms and suggestions related to the implementation of this plan.

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