The difference between Nespresso machines and powder espresso machines; Be sure to read before buying

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Today, the difference between capsule coffee makers or Nespresso and espresso makers or powder coffee makers is something that has occupied everyone’s mind. The lack of knowledge and inappropriate information, the lack of Nespresso agencies in Iran on the one hand and the sophistry of market profiteers on the other hand have led people to ignorance about buying a Nespresso machine and this has made people confused about the difference between an espresso machine and Nespresso. be misunderstood

The main difference between Nespresso coffee makers and espresso makers (powdered coffee makers)

One of the main differences between the Nespresso machine and the espresso machine is the type of coffee used and its extraction process.

Extraction process in Nespresso machines

Extraction in capsule coffee makers (Nespresso) is done by Nespresso capsules. The contents of these capsules are coffee powder processed from the best crops in the world, which are usually manufactured and marketed by Nestlé (which is the highest quality), Starbucks, Jacobs, Ili, Ben Manu (which is an Iranian company), etc. The quality of the coffee inside this coffee capsule is unique and it gives you a memorable taste with great crema.

Extraction process in DeLonghi espresso machines

In powder coffee makers, you are dealing with ground coffee beans or coffee powder. Coffee beans that are available to the public in all Iranian markets and coffee shops.

We have different models in Nespresso espresso machines and machines!

Capsule or Nespresso-like coffee makers. Espresso makers have different models with different functions that are made by different manufacturing companies such as DeLonghi, Crops, Magimix, etc. are produced and marketed, which include:

  1. Simple Nespresso mini coffee makers (without milk tank)
  2. Nespresso Latissima coffee makers (with milk tank)
  3. Capsule coffee makers with a steam nozzle or steam steamer to prepare milk foam

Simple Nespresso mini coffee makers

The simplest type of Nespresso coffee maker is included in this category and it only prepares 2 types of drinks that can be served, namely espresso and longo, and it does not have a cappuccino or milk foam system. Such as Nespresso Esenza Mini, PixiCrops, Anisia DeLonghi and…

Nespresso Latissima series coffee makers

This series of Nespresso machines has a milk tank for preparing automatic milk foam, which prepares and serves the desired drink after a few seconds by touching a button. Such as Nespresso Gran Lattissima DeLonghi, Lattissima Van DeLonghi, Lattissima Touch and Lattissima Pro DeLonghi.

Nespresso coffee makers with steam steamer

This type of Nespresso coffee maker has a nozzle or steam steamer to prepare milk foam manually, and you can make all kinds of latte art with this group of devices. Such as Critista Plus and Critista Pro by Sage and Nespresso.

But espresso machines are in 3 different groups:

  1. Espresso machines with nozzle or steam steamer and pertafilter – without coffee grinder (normal)
  2. Espresso machines with milk tank and prefilter – without coffee grinder (semi-automatic)
  3. Espresso machines with milk tank without prefilter – with coffee grinder (fully automatic)

first group:

Espresso machines of the first group are usually the most popular espresso machines in the world, which have many fans. Baristas and coffee shops usually use this group of espresso machines. Because they believe that devices with automatic milk tank will never give us the desired quality of milk foam that can be obtained from steam steamer or steam nozzle. And it really is.

The second group:

This category of coffee makers does not have a steam nozzle and instead a tank or container of milk is placed next to the machine, the process of making milk foam is done completely automatically and it is poured into the glass through the output nozzle. Like the DeLonghi EC850.M espresso machine

The third group:

This category of coffee makers is very popular due to having an automatic coffee grinder. Because the process of grinding coffee beans, tamping, and preparing milk foam is completely automatic, and the user has no interference in it. In short, in this group of espresso machines, press the button and wait for a few seconds! Now get your drink with freshly ground coffee!

Which one finally?! Nespresso coffee maker or powder espresso makers?

You are the decision maker. Profit seeking and projection in the free market knows no limits. If you visit a Nespresso boutique or a Nespresso store, it will definitely encourage you to buy a Nespresso machine! If you go to a coffee shop, they will offer you to buy an espresso machine! But which side of the truth do they take? None!
According to the information you have now and you are at the crossroads of buying a Nespresso machine or the difference between espresso and Nespresso machines, you must consider a series of conditions before buying, including:

  1. financial wealth
  2. Your endurance and patience
  3. Your type of job and activity
  4. Your taste and interest

Your wealth

Nespresso coffee capsules are a bit expensive compared to the coffee powders in the market and may not be very economical. Of course, this should not be considered as a disadvantage of Nespresso devices! Because according to the increasing demand of Nespresso machines, various companies have produced and launched various types of coffee capsules with a better price.
There is no need to use expensive coffee capsules such as Nestlé and Starbucks. Another important thing to never forget: good coffee is not cheap! This is the difference between Nespresso and Espresso!

Even if you buy powdered espresso machines and want to prepare high-quality coffee beans, you should go for coffee beans such as Lavaza’s Super Crema, which are not really cheap, and the price of each shot of their espresso is equal to each shot of Nestlé’s coffee capsules.

What in the end?

But in general, yes, it is true and you are right! You can even buy coffee powder at your local grocery store. But to buy Nespresso coffee capsules, you may have to go 5 streets away and put in a little more trouble. Maybe even in small towns there is no news of coffee capsules at all! But thanks to the internet and media, with a simple click, you can have any flavor you like delivered to your door after a few days. The price of Nespresso machines is not much different compared to espresso machines. Depending on different models and functions, it can have different price ranges.

Your patience

If you are only among bored and nagging people, please don’t go for normal and semi-automatic espresso machines at all! Because preparing a drink with these 2 groups of espresso makers requires enough precision, patience and patience, such as: grinding coffee, tamping coffee, preparing milk foam with a steam nozzle, etc.
So, either go for Nespresso devices or fully automatic espresso machines (third group) such as DeLonghi’s ECAM650.85.MS fully automatic espresso machine, which will serve you a drink in the shortest possible time and without any hassle by touching just one button.

The important thing is that the choice between buying a Nespresso machine and fully automatic espresso machines with a grinder is related to your financial situation. Fully automatic espresso machines usually cost more than 30 million tomans. But by spending only 10 million Tomans, you can own a Nespresso machine with a milk tank.

Your type of job and activity

Usually, for workplaces, offices, and medical offices, it is not possible to use powder coffee machines. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time. Therefore, for these types of places, it is recommended to have devices that prepare drinks for you without any mess and in the shortest possible time. This can only be done by Nespresso machines or fully automatic espresso machines.

your favorite

The most important factor after financial wealth is your interest in these two products. There are not few people who like to buy coffee beans with their own hands, grind them and pour them into the portafilter basket.

Anyone who sees these images will enter another world, will be blown away, and will give a different spirit to a person’s life. There are not a few people whose greatest passion, like a barista in Italian cafes and Roman nights, is to take a milk foam with an excellent velvety texture from the steam nozzle of their espresso machine and treat themselves and their guests with a unique latte art and become a complete artist and barista. become precious. All this is only possible with normal espresso machines!

And vice versa. There are many people who have tasted the quality of Nestlé Nespresso coffee capsules and are not willing to go for powdered and bulk coffee again at any price. Each of these devices has its own supporters, and its own arguments, all of which can be true.

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